Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Urban Picnic....:)

Ok. I've always kept this bloggy of mine advertise free. I just like it that way:) I do however, love to talk about the things I love:) Like my sweet baby girl and her new venture. Rio and her bf Chase just bought the cutest of sandwich shops in Historic downtown Mesa. Chase has always had a passion for food and a dream of having his own restaurant. Let me introduce you to....

And here they are. The new owners:) I am one proud mama I tell ya!

Urban Picnic serves up some awesome sandwiches and salads, using the best of organic produce, ingredients and homemade salad dressings:)

Like this awesomeness. The turkey and stuffing sandwich. Uh huh. Stuffing made fresh every morning:) And the side? Blue cheese coleslaw:)

My personal fav- the grilled veggie and goat cheese sandwich and southwestern orzo pasta. Yuuuummmy!!

And last but not least, the Caprese. The bomb. Nuff said:) 

Rio's red velvet cupcakes! Get one before they're gone!

But seriously? You can't go wrong with whatever you order at Urban Picnic. And I'm not just sayin that as a proud mama, I've eaten there since this place opened and I love it! I love it so much I'm gonna pass on some UP love. Say "I picnic with Dorie" and you get your drink free with the purchase of a sandwich or salad! Dealio ends next Tuesday!!


  1. Congrats on their new business!! It looks like it will be a huge success. They're food looks delicious. Too bad I can't go there unless I hop on a plane. Ha! I wish them the best of luck in this new business venture together.

  2. Congratulations to them!
    THe food looks amazing and exactly the type of place I would go for a quick bite. If I am ever in town I will be sure to visit!!

  3. Congratulations to the two of them! The food looks so delicious....I'm sure it will be a big hit :o)

  4. OH -- MY -- GOSH!!! I love this place!! My hubby and I always get the turkey stuffing & the reuben, then split so we get a half of each. Wow, the last time we ate there Rio and her Bf were eating there also (little did we know they would be the new owners). I've told everyone about this place! My brother considers himself the connoisseur of Reuben sandwiches. I told him about UP, and he said they have by far the best Reuben sandwich out there! Hee Hee! I'm so excited for Rio and Chase. Good Luck to them, and if it means anything, you can definately count on our buisness! LOVE UP :0)

  5. WOW! Congrats to them. I've been hearing such good things about this place and I have grand plans of visiting when I can gorge myself on lunch meat without fear or guilt.

  6. That settles it, I am trying it for the first time this week. I have been meaning to go forever, but I always talk myself out of it somehow.

  7. UP has seen one of our favorite lunch spots for a long time! I remember the day I had the turkey and stuffing sandwich--one of the best sandwiches of my life. Congratulations to the new owners. We WILL be there for lunch soon.

  8. I would definitely want a bite of each one! They are all so gorgeous and delicious looking.

    I am so glad to hear that you still love Barbies! I had such fun playing with them while we were at the pool and beach and definitely want to play with them again. It has been too many years since I played with Barbie although I do have my original Barbie, Skipper, Midge and Tressa!

  9. That is so awesome! I am definitely going to go there and take my in-laws who are in town from Delaware. I LOVE sandwiches!!!!

  10. Congrats to them!! I love everything about the look of the place and I would so love to try out the food. Those cupcakes are the cutest!!

  11. Rio looks great, and so do all those sandwiches! I'll have to try her new place sometime.

  12. We LOVE URBAN PICNIC!! In fact, my husband ate the fig jam sandwich with the blue cheese coleslaw 3 days in a row! :)