Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Use it or lose it....!! :)

Spring is here. And for me it's always bittersweet. That's because if you live here in AZ, you know the inferno is just around the corner:( I try to enjoy the outside and all the beauty that spring has to offer!
Hello perfect peaceful place to sit!

Hello beautiful geraniums!

Hello perfectly rusty old urns!

The arbor is enjoying it's new friend- climbing jasmine:)
I sewed up some new fresh front porch pillows:)

I got these cutest candle holders at the basement sale at FOUND!

 I had a moment of genius when I replaced the ugly green plastic bands that hold my tree to the stake with twine!!

 Sooo much better don't ya think??!!

 I'm taking advantage of the last little bit of cool weather and enjoying dinners outside! On the front porch:)

 No centerpiece? Just steal some rosemary from your sweet neighbors front yard and put it in the cutest of crusty pots!

So this is Spring at casa de Tuesdays with Dorie:) I will enjoy what little outdoor weather we have left. I keep saying this to myself-
"Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die".... of heatstroke:(


  1. It looks beautiful! You're all set for summer. I love your cushions, I've been hinting to my hubby for a sewing machine ~ we left ours back in the UK ~ I'd love to make some myself. The tree looks so cute, and I love the chalk stakes, hugs Sally xx

  2. Beautiful! I use twine instead of the green plastic stuff and love the look also. Inferno is the perfect word for our summer Arizona weather...it's coming really soon!

  3. I love your blog. The funny thing is when I first found it I was surprised that you only posted on Tuesday. My first thought was really? But I have to tell you that every Tuesday morning I get a little burst of excitement when I realize it's a Dorie Day.
    I think we are getting a reprieve from the hot weather this weekend so enjoy your porch a little longer.

  4. Your yard and porch looks so beautiful.....love the cushions you made too! Enjoy your gorgeous spring weather :o)

  5. Dorie - I love your blog and I love this post so much.
    I live in Canada where we still have snow on the ground - today they are calling for a high of 13C (55F) and we are all excited - kids are finally wearing spring coats and it will help eliminate a lot of the snow.
    We are right now so looking forward to spring and being able to get outside, rake the lawn, etc. So I find a post about you saying that you have to be outside while you can before it gets to hot pretty amusing.

    Anyway - love it and love the pillows too!

  6. Lovely Dorie! Ah, Mesa winters...they are MY spring here in Utah. Yesterday I went barefooted outside for the first time this year! Hooray! I love that yueat outside. I want to do more of that this year.

  7. That last sentence needs to be embroidered on one of the porch pillows, I think. It's perfect.

  8. Your outdoor decor really looks great! Wish I could make pillows like that. Cute! Love your table setting too. We will be miserable when the sticky humidity kicks in this summer. So, I can relate to you savoring how great it feels now before it becomes unbearable outside. Ha!

  9. Everything you do to your house, porch, yard, whatever is always so fabulous! I love your pillows, flowers, those cool candle holders, those crusty pots full of rosemary. All of it! I know I can always come here for great ideas and inspiration!

    Angie :)

  10. Use it Don't lose it. i love to re vamp the old things and also look around the diy tips to make a use of old stuff. Also i really like the idea of using "Welcome Friends" in the planter.

    ~Aansy Stone

  11. its good that you have removed the plastic band that hold your plant but i believe it would look more beautiful if you'd used shinny ribbon with bow knot instead of this brown string. (Just a Thought). However, i've saved these images to redo some of my home stuff.