Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To pack or not to pack.... :)

THAT is the question. My answer? Psh NO!! I know I should be packing up my house like a crazy lady, but in pure Dorie fashion I can think of a MILLION other things I'd rather be doing! Like cuting up the newbie for numero uno!! I've been taking my favorite things over to the house and putting them here and there, and let me just say....it's looking all kinds of adorable!!
Case in point. My FEED WAREHOUSE sign. Me loves. For forever:)
I'm still waiting on my table top, hence the lonely chairs trying their hardest to look like they belong with something that's not there.... :(
My green books in my fab new FOUND cabinet:) I decided to leave the doors off, so I had some shelves to play with:) and hey, in case I forgot to mention it- I'm now working at FOUND on Tues, Wed and Thurs! Come by and say hello!!
My cow picture. This is the one that started it all. I fell in love with this pic years ago, and doesn't it look so at home here?? And check out that original brick on that fireplace! How it has survived since 1922 without being painted, I'll never know, but it's FAB! I dropped off my slipcovers today to be done:) What color you ask? Duh!!! You didn't really think I'd live in this house without a little GREEN??!!
That's it for now. Yeah, I came home to this pile of lovelies staring at me in the face:(
So needless to say.... I got to git to gittin!!! Waaaaa:(


  1. Loving how good everything is looking! Your kitchen is really cute. Can't wait to see everything finished. I hate moving too, so I don't blame you for wanting to work on the fun stuff first!

  2. I LOVE your shelf! have the same tall topiaries as the ones on your mantle and it looks like we have the same cute green ikea plants too!! :) Your new place is looking adorable.

  3. The shelves look great, I love your style so much. I can't wait to see more especially when you get those slipcovers back ;)

  4. I can't wait to see it when you're done, especially since I've already gotten to see it empty!

  5. Goodness, everything you touch turns beautiful! :) I just recently found your blog and can't wait for Tuesdays now. Seriously. I'm so looking forward to seeing how your new place comes together.

  6. I love the green books...of course....i love books