Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hang in there.... :)

Whew!! We're IN!! What a crrrazy weekend. We were on the verge of starvation when my friend came over with this most thoughtful of gifts. She's the bomb homemade bread maker:) She said the sweetest polish saying that her mother-in-law taught her:
Bread that this home never knows hunger
Salt that your lives may always have flavor
Wine that joy and prosperity may be with you always and in all ways
Then she said butter. Because you can't have bread without butter:)
Thank you L.O. for your thoughtfulness, it was perfect:)
I'll tell ya- with all this packing and moving, the hubby and I were sooo tired of eating out. We were dying for anything home cooked. Enter my hero- my daughter Rio. Ok, in all fairness her bf Chase is actually the cook in their house, but her name just rhymed better:) Aaanyway, Rio called and asked if we wanted them to bring us dinner.... oh my! LOOK at that goodness!! Salmon, rice and veggies:)  
With all that nutrition, I was able to get down to business. Serious business. Putting out my fab pumpkins!! Happiness:)
And planting beaut flowers, under the watchful eye of Little Bully:) More happiness:)

Pics next week, I PROMISE!! I'm almost all done in here!


  1. .......aaaand there's Bully through the door! lol. Love him! Oh, and def you too!! Good luck with getting settled!

  2. I look forward to Tuesdays just so I can see your progress and draw inspiration.
    Gotta love that Bully!

  3. I love those pumpkins!! Did you make them?? If so, please share the "how to" with us. Thanks!!

  4. The dinner does look yummy. It was sweet of them to bring it to you. I can see little peeks of your talent back there on the bookshelf. :)

  5. I love how there is always a hint of green in almost every picture you take! :)

  6. Wow, you move at lightning speed.....I would still be buried under a mound of boxes!!! LOL Love those cute little pumpkins too :o)
    Happy Halloween!

  7. What a nice housewarming gift! Dinner looks delish...but what's in the bowl next to the broccoli? I'm guessing EVOO and spices for the bread? Can't wait to see next week's pictures!

  8. I totally forgot to check in Tuesday!! Food looks great. Love what you've shown so far of the house. :)

  9. Dorie,

    Your house is soo charming. I have been peeking in on your blog for a year now; I found you from The Lettered Cottage. I live in the east valley and wondered if you would share your source for your window shades pictured in your latest post. I don't know how I ended up commenting on this post... Operator error. Take Care. Char