Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cleaning house... :)

Honestly. That's all I've been doing.
Sheet rock dust is of the devil I tell ya!!
 It's like I sweep. Then sweep. Then eat a snack. Then sweep some more.
And it just keeps coming back:(

I did manage to get my all important blog world set up:)


Say hello to the cutest little ole mail box ever:)
It's the original one that graced this house for years, that is
until the catalogs and junk mail of today just couldn't squeeze
into his slim little self anymore:( he was just hanging outside
surrounded by 2 other "big new guy" mailboxes.
So I rescued him and brought him in:)
I love him:)

You know what else I love? My baby girl Rio and her gal pal Kayla's new crazy adventure.
Check it:

She's going to be having a clean house sale!!

You've GOT to get over there and get yourself some goodies!
All the above necklaces are $29.
Aaaand if you mention Tuesdays With Dorie at checkout
you get a special 20% off :)
Oh and that's not all.....
You can check out my hoard from Junk Bonanza!
Yep. All the wonderfulness you see below will be up for grabs:)
This Saturday from 9-1 :)
Hope to see you there!!


  1. House is looking great!
    Where will the Junk Bonanza stuff be up for grabs?

    1. the stuff will be at the same Tempe location on the flyer.

  2. The house is coming along great, you must have a ton of energy!
    Can't wait for more updates! Tuesdays are my favorite. :-)

  3. Shut the front door!!! OMG!! Your sales sell out in 45 minutes!! This one will be no exception. SOOOOOOOOO sad I have to miss it!!

  4. Tell me you can ship the corbels to me in Texas....please.....:)

    1. Why yes of course I can!! They're calling your name... :)

    2. Okay, send me an email....how much?? tandtgoins@gmail.com

      And yes, they are calling my name!! treeeeeeshaaaaaa.......

  5. Shut the front door is right! I want that shelf with the gym baskets!!!! I hate it that I live so stinking far away! That would make a terrific display piece for my linens!! Like Rebecca said, the stuff will all be gone in less than 45 minutes. LOVE their jewelry, too!!

    Dorie, your little desk and computer area is wonderful!

    Happy Weekend!


  6. Oh my it looks so lovely! I was just in Ireland and jumped into a mailbox store and saw an old style like yours above (but not as charming) and I wanted to bring it back but realized it would take up too much weight in my suitcase! I love your appreciation for old!

  7. THRILLED to see a post from you again. Ta heck with the dust! We have missed your darling posts!!!!!
    It's looking beautiful so far!!!!! Simply beautiful.

  8. Where are you located and how can I purchase some of the items from your "junk bonanza" photos? :) Wendy