Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Come and get it !! No seriously, please come and get it!!!

Ooooh, see all this stuff?
Yeah, that ain't my stuff.
See these people?
Yeah, they ain't my people either...

but I'm a visual gal. And I just wanted to let you all know....
That yes! It's a happenin' !!
Dan and I will be putting it all out there on the table.
(pun totally intended. because I like puns. puns are cool.)
this Saturday December 7th at 8am
at the Casa de Tuesdays:)
So come on! Make our crap...your crap:)
**email me for directions


  1. One of these days I'm just going to buy a plane ticket and buy up some of your lovely crap :)

  2. Ooohhh! Hubs & I are driving from L.A. to Yuma this weekend, I've got all week to talk him into leaving a little earlier and driving a teeny bit further. lol

  3. You make me laugh every single time I read your blog! You are so Punny!
    Wish I lived closer, cuase like Patricia said....I would buy some of your lovely crap too!