Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that.... :)

So I finally got my decoratin' on.
Just a little.
Having been so overwhelmed by messes for so long,
putting out a bunch of Christmas stuff was the last thing
I wanted to do!
So I put out my skinny leg people....  
Got suuuper crafty with some twine and a kerr jar...

Put out some pillows....
Put the tree up!! I was looking at all my boxes of ornaments and getting hives.
I simplified. I used this adorable pom pom garland from Design Lab,
sweater poinsettias from Cracker Barrel, and some random acorn and squirrel ornaments.
Done and done.
I had to shoot the tree from this angle because....

The dining table is where I'm getting my sewing on.
Yep. I'm going to TRY and actually make some Christmas
presents this year!! 
I went to a little pop up boutique this weekend and found the JOY sign
and the painted deer guy. Cute huh?? The sign was $20 and the deer was $25
The stockings are from Cracker Barrel too.
(okay, it looks like I eat there every day! I don't. every other day. hee hee hee)
I moved my buffet to this wall. I liked the warmth of it over here.
I just put out my favorite things.
The snowman I've had for like 15 years.
The tiny angel lady on top of the books was my hubby's

And since I said I would show you upstairs...
lets head up there now!
(upon closer inspection of this pic, I'm noticing I've never removed
the brass hardware on the door that held the ugly curtain on there!
what in the world Dorie.....)
This is the little reading nook at the top of the stairs.
Similar to our last house, but on a much smaller scale.
This is where the hubby spends countless hours reading. He can have
like a million books going at once.
This room still needs curtains and decorative touches, but
he's happy here:)
Here's the other side of the nook.
My side:) ya know, where I read People magazine, Pinterest and watch
I've watched sooo many good movies lately!
The Woodlanders, Augustine, A Royal Affair, North and South,
Mansfield Park, and Ethan Frome  just to name a few.

Here's the master bath.
The trim was just finished this last weekend.
Cabinet doors and towel hooks still need to be done.
I mean, while it's a super genius idea- hanging towels
from the window cranks is gettin' kinda old.
My blackout curtains came! But I forgot to order the drapery rings...
and they're on back order till Jan. 26th..
Gaaaaa!!! (shakes fists in air, collapses on bed, screams into pillow)
So reveal of the Master bedroom is going to have to wait....until, well..
sometime after that:(
So for now I'm going to take a breather from this house and enjoy
this time before Christmas. I want to cook, bake and hang out,
and love on my friends and family.
Because really? that's what it's all about right?!


  1. It's all stunning as usual- love, love, love the pops of green and that you are keeping the holiday decorating simple!

  2. Beauiful!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    xox Evelyn

  3. looking fabulicious Dorie.
    Too bad Wallace was unavailable.

    Karen M

  4. Love the skinny people. Have them too and they make me smile every time! Pop up boutique?! Please share info. Pretty please….

  5. The boutique was this last Saturday. It was a tiny one in someone's backyard that Rio heard about. Sorry! I don't remember the name of it! It was mostly baby stuff, except for the two painting girls:)

  6. Super cute.christmas skinny people!! Where did you buy them?

    1. The skinny people are Lori Mitchell. You can look them up and find where they sell them near you:) She makes all kinds! You should see the Halloween skinny people- they're adorable!!

  7. Dorie-I just had a freak out over your salt and pepper pinch bowls! I have been looking for those all year. Where do I find those??

    1. Hello Alison!
      The salt/pepper little cuties are Rae Dunn. I got mine a while back and I don't know if they have that style anymore? Check her etsy page.

  8. I've always loved the Skinny leg peeps. lol
    Everything looks beautiful and the vanity, sinks & faucets in the master bath are amazing! Love love love!!!

  9. I love your style, your home is so cozy and the master bath looks amazing! Cute Christmas touches everywhere ;)

  10. I love your blog. I look forward to your posts and they do not dissapoint.

    Your style is great!

  11. I love your style! I wish you could come to my house and just tell me everything to do to change from the reds and browns to your awesome coziness. I live in Phoenix (hint, hint) :) but really we plan to move next year and I hope to start fresh and you have inspired me with all of your homes. I have been reading for over a year now. Love your last home, the beach house and this house. I am always excited for Tuesday to see what you post.

  12. Love your Lori Mitchell, I collect those too. And, she lives right in my city!! How cool is that :) Merry Christmas!

  13. Dorie I love how you decorate, your style is amazing. I have been following you for a while and can't wait for Tuesdays to see what is going with you guy's. I love how you pay attention to small details and make wonderful choices. You feel like a friend I want to come visit.

  14. I just love seeing photos of your beautiful home! The Christmas touches are oh so lovely!

  15. Where did you get the awesome green rug in your bathroom? Love your blog & your style! Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Marian! I found the rug at TJ Maxx. I just got it last week, so they might still have them?

  16. The stairs! I don't think you have shown them at all since they've been finished. Oh. the life you have breathed back into this house!