Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like..... :)

A house! A real house:)
All the construction debris was finally cleaned out
on Saturday. A huge thank you to all who showed
up on that verrry chilly morning and hauled off my hoard.
All I had left was a set of lockers that Rio decided to
keep and paint gold and put in her craft room!
(I'll be sure to post pics of that!!)
Sooo, I finally started to put out a few of my favorite Christmas things:) 
Like this pillow from FOUND:)

These boxwood wreaths from Trader Joes ($9.99) are one of my favorite things
this year:) I bought 2, but have a feeling I'll be going back for more:)

I've had this feather wreath from TJ Maxx for like evah.
And I still love it:)
We went to storage and scrounged through what seemed like a million
boxes just to get to these stinkin' porch pillows:)
I needed them! Ya know, for when I'm sitting out here enjoying
my coffee and taking in my freshly graded dirt front yard.
Grass can't come soon enough for this green lovin' gal!
 Oh!!!! and Mr. Speedy Gonzales finished the upstairs!!
3 weeks, start to finish.
He said "now it's your turn".
So I'm busy movin' stuff and settin' up.
And lovin' every minute of it:)
Here's a little sneaky peak of the Master bedroom.
The hubby still hates the cowhide...
I keep saying... give it time!??
And so far Little Bully hasn't put his "mark" on it:)
Yeah, give that  time too.....
Photo Cred- the fabulous Heather Bullard:)
I'm gonna get to crackin' and take some more pics of the upstairs
and hey, maybe even get a tree up and decorated!!


  1. It is looking lovely as always! I adore the pillows...and your stair treads!! Oh my, those chippy green lovelies are perfection :)

  2. I love reading your blog, seeing what little tidbits you are going to share!! The stair treads are to die for!! And your bully, he's so handsome!!

  3. The look on little Bully's face is hysterical. Puts a smile on mine, every time! He's looking at the camera with a tone of voice! I bet it feels good to have unloaded some of your stuff and I think the decorations you've put out so far are wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more....


  4. Can't wait to see you work your magic!

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  6. Bless that Bully, he makes me smile every time you post a picture...I just want to squeeze him!!
    Oh, the house looks sweet!

    p.s. I like the cowhide

  7. I've been creeping on you....ha, ha! I love all the things you've done to your home. It looks so comfy cozy! Of course you have to have your pillows for your porch swing....I would too. Can't wait to see more! Great job!

  8. Look forward to your blog every week. Fun to see all you have gotten done. I always love your style, but I have to say I'm with hubby on the cowhide. I'm from TX too, so maybe I just see too much of that sort of thing. Never get tired of seeing little bully and can't wait to see all the movin' and settin' up you have done next week. I think you are just so talented!

  9. You know I love everything you guys have done with that little house! And, although I have already had a sneak peak of the upstairs I am dying to see what it looks like all Dorified! :-)