Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Instead..... :)

Sooo, I was all ready to show you some pics of upstairs....buuut
SOMEBODY thought it would be super awesome to eat
3 square meals of cat poop (whyyyyy???) and then get sick and
barf all over his moms white duvet.
He's the most rottenest bully.
But that face....

I'm gonna show you instead- my office. Oooh that sounds so official!
Like I have meetings and make million dollar deals in there.
I don't.
I don't have meetings or make deals.
It's actually more like my craft room. Or crap room:)
I found these panels at Target.
Then I remembered I bought some green velvet ribbon at Sweet Salvage forever
ago and I thought hey! what a perfect marriage:)
And I got to sewin'.... I wish I could blame the wine for this blurry pic:(
I just did a wide zig zag right down the middle.
Easy peasy.
My little tiny office sits right behind the dining room, where
the old kitchen used to be:)
I've had what I refer to as "miss chunky leg" table for I don't know how long.
It was our table in Dana Point, and I've never been able to part with it. 
My BFF in all the land bought me that cutest green rug:)
It looks like grass.
The hubby busted out these simple shelves for me. The top one is 6 ft. long,
and the bottom one is 5 ft. long. Perfect:)
And how stinkin cool are those chairs???
They're known in my family as the "stick" chairs.
My moms brother Elias made them in the 60's out of wood
he collected in their natural shape, while living in Kino Bay, Mexico:)
I treasure them:)
Since there is an awesome built in, and a small closet in this room, I can fill
my shelves with all the goodies that I love to look at:)

 My sis gave me the little bully pic in the black frame this year for Christmas.
She knows me so well:)

Here's a close up of the velvet ribbon on the curtains.
I looove it:)
I plan on hanging my small ironing board from that hook on the green shelf.
But first I have to make her a new cover. Poor thing, she's still sportin' that
ugly silvery blue one that she came with:(
So there you have it. A glimpse into the room where all this silly
blogging takes place:)
I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!!
I'm hoping 2014 brings me a bully who just learns one thing...


  1. ......sigh !

    karen m mixed with drool! ew

  2. Just gross, the dog not the room!

  3. That has got to be the cleanest craft room/office ever! I am taking a tip from your use of shelving and storage display, it is awesome. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. You must really love that little bully....I adore the office, stick chairs and the green velvet ribbon. Want to come help me style a gazillion shelves in this library we built?? Have a very safe and joyously happy new year!

  5. I'm here to be supportive, because I too have a much loved boy dog that is obsessed with "kitty truffles". He's 13 and I've tried everything I can think of and he has never "out grown" it. I feel your pain! I love your house and style. I look forward to your posts each week.

  6. I love green, too, and how you've added just the right touches of it. Your office is a fabulous space. I'm in awe over how much you've accomplished in your new home in such a short time, and every large and small detail is perfect.

  7. Your office turned out fab!!!! And how could you be mad at a bully with a face like that!!! I love him!

  8. Your house is so amazing - it must feel wonderful to wake up and live in those spaces!! Who couldn't forgive that cutest bully face (he looks hung over in that pic!!). Thanks for sharing with us, I always look forward to Tuesdays!!

  9. What a cute space. I love green and black together. I feel your doggie pain...we just discovered our little guy has been using the oriental rug in the living room as his personal pee pee pad since we started bringing in things from a relative's home with dogs! ARGH! Cuteness won't even cover that intentional deed. Suzi

  10. oh my Dorrie! I was just complaining about our daughter's english mastiff drooling all over the kitchen floor! I will shut up now that I read your post.lol Love those curtains especially with your special touch. I am off to explore the rest of your blog. Have a Happy New Year- jeannette

  11. ooops! Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Darn laptops hate typing on them! j

  12. I really like your office and how nice it looks with touches of green. I started removing bits of blue I had in my d├ęcor and started adding more green as you have inspired me so much with your green! I even bought a green sofa a few years ago as I was tired of the blue denim that was so popular but it was the "elephant in the room" and had to go!
    Now I use my green as a neutral and I love it. Summer time I add some coral colored items and it looks so fresh!

  13. I love the black and white with the green accent. That is how I am planning to do my office when my husband graduates and is done with his clinical's and we finally sell this old house and head to a city where this girl can dream big. Seriously though, your space is amazing. Chrystal @yumeating.com

  14. Love that green velvety ribbon! Ive seen it at Sweet Salvage and picked it up and drooled, they may still have a few left as Ive some still at the last 2. I love how you added it to the curtains. I wont even get into the gross things my doggie does, blech, no mouth kisses with me!

  15. I don't think I have ever taken the time to tell you how much I enjoy your blog... thank you so much for sharing your beautiful little home with the rest of us. I absolutely love your style and your amazing talent for seeing the diamond (or emerald?) among the coal... you really release the potential of every home you are in! As a Cali native trying to make this brown desert home for 10 years, I have really enjoyed your use of color and old things to make your house a home. THANK YOU!
    Question: I will be moving soon and would love to know how you edit all of the things you have so that you are able to live amongst the beauty of old things while still keeping your home functional. I have to imagine that you must be very selective about what you keep so that your space still works for you. Any advice?
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks again,

  16. Love you and love your house! It is so fun to see how it is all coming to gether. You are so talented! I hope your little bully is feeling better and you were able to get your duvet clean! Yikes.

  17. Wallace, tell me you DID NOT do that!!!! I'll have you know that your Scottie friend, Miss Fiona, was busted BIG time for licking a hot and steaming pile of cat dung out back just last week. It was quite shocking - AND she got her mouth and beard washed off really good. Your poor mommy......on her new linens? All I can say is ACCCCCK and GADZOOKS!!!!

    Dorie, I just sat down to catch up on your posts and have enjoyed my visit, as always. Your home is just so charming! I'd love to spend a few days shopping with you and watch you work your magic! You can come to my house if you get bored. ha.

    Happy New year!!!! All the best to you and yours.


  18. Oh my heck....is little bully trying to PUNK you! How horrible! He doesn't even seem capable of such a thing! On the other hand, your office looks FABULOUS. You are so talented, and of course, you and Roger together are a Rock Star Couple! Happy New Year and I hope to see you soon!