Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AdVentura.... :)

Ventura. I'm totally digging you.
After we sold our house in Dana Point  I knew 
it wouldn't be long before the hubby would be wanting
another place by the sea:)
We had a place for over 15 years in Orange County,
and this time we wanted to try something new and venture further north:)
We rented a place in Faria Beach for a week to check out the

There's nothing I don't absolutely love about this picture.
This is the back wall of the house we rented, and the hubby and babies 
have been fishing here all day:)

They kept asking me to try it. So fiiiiine! I did.
And guess who caught 2 fish in her first two tries?!?! 
That would be me.
I say because I'm a Pisces, and these are my people:)

Little Bully has just been enjoying being outside without dying of heat.
It's 66 degrees here people.

Unbeknownst to me, the hubby took LB down to the water.
He's never been in the ocean before.
He loved it.
But kept drinking the water....
and you know what that means....

 Barfy Bully. 

And now we can't keep him out of water!
Seriously. Little Bully has absolutely no fear.
And has forgotten that he can't swim.
Don't know if you can hear the panic 
in my voice in this video... but trust me,
it's there!!!

Wallace needs a life vest.
And I need a Xanax.


  1. Love the picture of your toes in the sand - what's the name of your polish? So pretty!!

    1. Hi Tara!
      Unfortunately, I have no idea the name of the color:(
      I just picked it at the nail place and didn't look at the name:(

  2. How beautiful is it there?! Wow! Faria...that's my sister's married name. It's Portuguese! My Brother-in-law says it's like Smith or Jones over there, very common. It's pronounced, as my sister has to constantly say, "like Maria, but with an 'F'!" And what a brave little Bully! Maybe he learned not to drink the water after that first time?

  3. What a great family vacation and a brave little pooch! Your barfy bully made me laugh out loud.

  4. Your little bully is ADORABLE! There is nothing that I love more than a beachside cottage........pictures if you buy one, K?

  5. Looks lovely....relaxing. That video is too cute!!

  6. Hi Dorrie,

    So great meeting you today at the real estate office....I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you captured our town. I love that you attended a service at Carpinteria Baptist church, and snapped photos of Mr. Panizzon's beautifully painted house on 8th street and my favorite junk shop Whimsy and of course Rincon my favorite beach. You and Roger will fit in just great here in Carpinteria. WELCOME