Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Extra week.... :)

So we decided to stay an extra week.
Why return to the heat right?
We're staying here in Rincon, 

I guess it's the holy grail of surf spots here in Cali. 
My boys are digging it: )

Well just to the north of Rincon, is this adorable little town.
Or Carp like they call it:)
When we were doing our normal drive around and check out the
town, we came across this tiny old church on the corner.
I HAD to go on Sunday.
Whyyy aren't there adorable little tinys like 
this back at home!!!

And just as I expected, the congregation was about 30 people
and the music was just a piano and hymns.
My heart was overflowing with happiness:)

How I wish I could have taken a pic of the adorable old
couple that was celebrating !!65 years!! of marriage that day
with a small table of refreshments at the back of the church.
She was wearing a pink skirt suit and a blue lace scarf on her head the entire service:)
Her hubby was wearing suspenders and bright blue sweater
like Mr. Rogers.
I know you can picture the cuteness:)

I must admit I found myself more than once drifting away from the sermon
to admire the ceiling and stained glass windows...
and stare at the sweet old couple:)

 After the service, we walked outside to see these adorable bungalows lining the streets.
That's when I turned to hubby and said "I can't take it". 
Cuteness overload I tell ya.

This one was finishing up getting painted only the best
color in all the land.... :)
I wanted to walk up and knock on the door and just say...
give it to me. now. 
Is that weird??

We turned the corner and happened upon this little antique store.

The hubby just up and decided he's going to start collecting beach art.
Ya know, to hang in our beach house that we don't have.

So this extra week of relaxing has finally forced me to face my fears.
The fear of pages and tabs.
But as you can see at the top of the blog....
I conquered it!!
It only took me 5 years.


  1. Yea! I'm so glad you now have pages and tabs! I refer back to your blog so often looking for inspiration and this will make it so much faster and easier.

  2. great job with the update!!

    i have never been to carpenteria but it sure looks adorable...and
    that little green house is ideal for you!

    cute cottage painting! good eye, good eye!
    enjoy your trip.
    it is hot up here in central cali!


  3. Sounds like a lovely little town and totally your cup of tea!

  4. That tree in front of the Church is absolutely beautiful.

    Enjoy your extra week. :)

  5. my husband and i were just talking about the cuteness of carpenteria last night. always so pretty. could you just die from that church? and the couple? you painted the perfect sunday. enjoy your vacay.

  6. I love to go "exploring" with you & your family! I always see something new! I will have to send you a photo of our little church where I live in Hobe Sound, Florida. it is adorable just like the church you went to. Those bungalows were so wonderful, too!

  7. I adore California for the bungalows. I could wander the streets forever! Did you take those pictures in church all sneaky-like? What a beautiful little building!

  8. Dorie,
    Your post about Carpinteria has compelled me to introduce myself as a fellow Carpenteria lover. For 19 years, since my son was 4, we've rented the same beach house just south of Rincon & Carp on a small little stretch of beach (12 houses) called Muscle Schoals. You've discovered one of our all-time favorite places in this world. Be sure to head a little north of Carp to Santa Claus Lane and visit PORCH (as well as the other cute little spots on The Lane). You will love it and you'll love the ladies there. On your way back, stop by Island Time Brewery on the railroad tracks in Carp and enjoy a delish local brew and conversation with the locals. If it's a Thursday between 4:00 & 7:00, take a walk over to the Farmer's Market on Linden and treat yourself, yet again, to a small but wonderful delight (the biger market in Santa Barbara on State Street is well worth a visit too).

    Anyway, I could go on and on about the wonders of this little slice of heaven. I hope you enjoy and if you decide to extend your stay even further, perhaps I'll see you around - I'm counting the days until July...