Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The crying house.... :)

 I'm not exactly sure when my obsession with old, broken down houses began but
I'm thinking it might have been right around the time I saw this movie...

I was little and I stayed up late and watched it with my older sister Kim:)
I remember loving the house.
I mean, look at that lovely bead board in the background!!
And what's not to love about Robert Redford and Natalie Wood????

Well as you know because I've said it like a million times, the hubby and I 
LOVE to drive around and look at houses. No matter where we are.
Usually after dinner or on Sunday afternoons like old people, we go on 
our drives:) 
Well since the day we landed here in Carp, I've been in love
with this house...

We always give names to our favorite houses. Like blue door house, or 
green step house, or gargoyle house, or bait house, and so on.

Well this house is named...
 the crying house:(
Not because I want to cry every single time I see it but because...

It looks like it's crying too!!! :( :( :(
Can you see it? 
The tear stains coming from the windows...
I can't take it.

Call me crazy because I already know I am, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE
this house!! Like I love it in my soul ya know??
I literally drive by this place every chance I get just to whisper 
I love yous out the window at her:)
Because clearly....she hasn't been loved in a long time:(

According to some neighbors passing by, this house has been
sitting abandoned for at least 20 years.


 Where others might see a pile of bricks that belong in the trash,
I see walkways, borders or a fireplace hearth!!

And just have a look at that old rusty headboard!!
If I wasn't completely convinced that a kin to the snake I saw the other
day was in that tall grass, I would have ventured closer and inspected
this pile of rusty treasures!!

Honestly, look at that wall!!!! Can't you just see climbing roses
all over it????

And just have a gander at what only the hubby could see over the fence! 
Short girl problems:(
Is that the coolest concrete sink? And how bout that lil tiny
sink? It says please put me in a powder bath! Am I right??

We're thinking judging by the two meters and the evidence of stairs on
the side of the house, that at some time this house was split into
two houses?

Can you see the original siding under that stucco though????

Here it is again! 

I love this house so much and have not been able to quit
thinking about it since I first laid eyes on it in August.
While I would LOVE the Lord to bless me with this place,
I reeeeally just want to wipe her tears and make her
all better, even for someone else!!!


I know right?? So if anyone out there has that kind of
green just laying around and wants to join forces with me
in rescuing this lady....
then give me a jingle!!! 

I'm totally not even kidding. 

I'm going to go all
Sherlock Holmes this week and find out who owns
this sweet house and beg them to sell it to me.

I made my hubby take a selfie in front of "my" house:)
All before we got back into the truck and drove away
and I choked back tears:(

I don't know why this house has such a grip on my heart????
Sing it with me now-

I was alright for awhile
I could smile for awhile
But I saw you last night
You held my hand so tight
As you stopped to say "hello"

Oh you wished me well
You couldn't tell
That I'd been crying.....over you


  1. I love that you see the beauty in this mess! Great metaphor for how God sees us, right? I can imagine this being yours! Sending all good wishes for this to happen.

  2. dorie...dorie...dorie....

    and life....

    back to this beautiful beauty in disguise.
    wish i had extra bucks to go in on it with you.
    i'd love to live there...

    and i spy bed rails??? cool rusty goodness!

  3. While others would just see a total "tear-down" you see hope! I love that about you! And, those sinks!!! What a treasure!

  4. While others would just see a total "tear-down" you see hope! I love that about you! And, those sinks!!! What a treasure!

  5. There is beauty behind all that neglect....I can see it!!!! Fingers crossed you are able to save her some way...some how!!!! With all the cool treasures you spotted in the garden can you imagine what the inside must hold?!?!?!

  6. Buy it! I want to see you transform it!

  7. I think you and that house are meant to be Dorrie!! She would feel so loved by the time you were finished with her. Hope she is not too expensive. My husband and I love driving around the east valley in Arizona just looking at the old ones too. We are snow birds from Canada otherwise would love to fix one up. Love your blog and all you do.

  8. I can imagine this house with your magic lovingly applied. You must have it!

  9. She so needs to be loved by you! She has great potential! The small cast iron apron sink is perfect!

  10. Oh.... I have a feeling..... and faith in you that you will find out who owns it and it will be yours!! Patience my dear, have patience.


  11. You are the ones who can make her beautiful!

  12. Yes, I love her too! And yes she is crying!!! I am the same about houses, and have nicknames. Fell really in love with the "Pink House" awhile back, even had a HUD key that worked for all HUD homes and I used to go sit in her on the stairway and dream. We were waiting for loan approval and before we were done she was sold. Sighhh, BUT I got to pick the yard later on when the place was foreclosed, I still have mementos from the "Pink House" around my house. I cant wait to see what you find out. Love the adventure and pictures you took, those sinks!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE! Save her! PS. I have never seen that movie before! I will need to go watch it.

  13. I had a sink in the basement of my old house that I always thought was cement, but then I saw rehab addict so now I think it was soap stone. She cleaned it up and it was the coolest.

  14. I am right with you on old abandoned homes....makes me more than sad to think it use to be fresh and new, a family was excited to move in it,they celebrated birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas...made memories, good and bad.......and now look....omg, I hate seeing a home left to ruin !!!! save her !!!

  15. A fixer upper that would look outstanding with a bit of TLC and the billion dollar comment is so true. It reminds me of the movie Money Pit.

  16. Did you ever buy your crying house?