Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M.I.A.... :)

I'm here! Alive and well! I skipped last week because, well...
life was just happening:)
I've had guests pretty much the entire month of March.

I had to laugh the other day when I went outside and saw my front
doormat. It really does tell a story:)

The story of love and family.

I'm a lucky lucky girl.
I live in a place that beckons my awesome family to want to come visit.

First visitors were my brother and his girls.
Always -always- always a great time no matter what.

We mesh so well we've actually traveled around Europe with them.
All of us together. 
In a van...
HILARIOUS I tell ya!!

They're always up for fancy dinners at home complete with 
picture worthy drinks....

Or bbq's on the beach with paper plates and solo cups:)

And what's no to love about s'mores cooked over a grill??
The beauty of improvisation:)

And then there's the laughing...
Lots and lots of laughing!!!!

Next up?
My hubby's most favorite sister in the whole wide world:)
These two could have been twins.

I have shared many a crying belly laugh with this woman, and I love her
dearly for accepting me since the day I met her when I was just a silly
girl of 17:)

I love this picture of us with her and her sweet hubby and daughter.
Rain or shine, they want to go to the beach:)

I crack up how everyone says her daughter looks like
she could be mine....ok! I'll take her!!

In my best dreams they would move here, my hubby missed
her 5 minutes after she left:(

 Theeeen came last Monday night and this gorgeous baby
showed up at my door and it was all over:)
I forgot what day it was...
I forgot to blog...
I forgot everything...

I was M.I.A because of her.
And guess what...
Her name is Mia!!!
hahahaha!! Perfect right??!!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know about an
amazing foreign exchange student that we hosted way back in 2001.
I blogged about her here.

Anyway, this sweet girl has become more like our daughter. She's honestly
one of the smartest most driven girls I know and we are
so lucky to call her family:)

Just one more pick of Mia and her adorable little chicklet teeth:)

So there. There's my excuse for not blogging last week.
I was busy lovin' on my family:)

I'm thinking I'm going to order a new doormat like the one above,
because summer's a comin' and I'm pretty sure some of my peeps
are gonna want some beach time.....

And I can't WAIT!!

** source for rug HERE
** source for similar lab mug HERE


  1. That's the best looking BBQ I have ever seen!!! Can I come visit?

  2. What a fun time. So beautiful there.

  3. Those mugs!!! Love them! Can you share the source?

    1. Rio has had those mugs for a while and doesn't remember where she got them:( I found some similar ones and posted the link for you:)

  4. Those mugs and that doormat! (last picture!) ~:-) The source for both, pretty please!! It does look as though you had a lovely time, I feel like I missed out! Lovely crowds of family you had, now get some rest!

    1. Hello Shirley!
      I put the source for the rug and similar mugs up top for ya!

  5. Oh my goodness, you have such a beautiful family! What a treat to have them all come to visit and enjoy your hostess with the mostess skills! What wonderful and awesome photographs! What a joyous post!