Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The "incident".... :)

Have you ever had a dream where you're trying to scream
but you can't? Or you're trying so hard to run but your
feet are so heavy and you're just moving in slow motion?
Yeah me too.
Well that entire situation happened to me in real life.

Once upon a time....
(last week at lunchtime) the hubby and I decided to walk 
the trail and see the seals and their pups. I can't get enough of them! 
So we went, and they didn't disappoint with their cuteness.
Then on the way home.....

I can hardly even write it,
but just as we passed that beautiful tree with the perfect
lookout to the sea...
a 5 ft long SNAKE crossed our path.
You have no idea how terrified of them I am!!!!

He slithered across the path about a foot behind me.
(at least he waited for me to pass, so kind of him)
I saw it out of the corner of my eye.
I was trying to scream but nothing was coming out!!
I tried to run by my toes were curled under so hard in my
shoes it made it impossible!!!!!

I couldn't even get myself to freaking google a picture of
a snake because they freak me out so bad!
So you'll just have to trust me that he kinda looked
like this cartoon one. Only not really.

My hubby was caught between doing 2 manly things (of course).
Helping his hysterical wife,
and wanting to go "check it out".
He opted for the first one thank the heavens.

After about what seemed like 18 hours for the adrenaline
rush to subside I finally calmed down.
And ate a s'more sandwich. 

But now I'm sooo bummed!! Because I don't know
if I'll be able to go walk that trail alone!!??
My hubby said it was a gopher snake and not harmful
to humans.
Um Okaaaay???
A snake is a snake is a snake is a snake!!!!

So that I can sleep tonight and not think about the "incident",
let's change the subject mkaay?

I have to show you what I got last week...
for FREE!!!
Yes, FREE. On the side of the road on the way to
the beach.
Who gets rid of that????
I don't even know, but what I DO know is...

Rio would love it. 
She sent me this pic shortly after I
dropped it off. It works perfect for a side table in her
tiny cottage! Especially because it's on wheels and
she can just roll it out when she needs to get in that cabinet
on the left:)

 I told her you all want to see her adorable place, so I promise I'll 
get pics soon.


  1. So sorry about the snake, they are freaky. Hope you are calmed down by now.

    Love your find, and yes, Rio's place would be wonderful to see!

    From Virginia

  2. What happens if you get scared half to death twice, lol!! I LOVE that side cart table, and it already came gold? Amazing!! Wish I could find "trash" like that around here! Great find!

  3. I am right there with you on the snake thing! Scared to death!! You find the best FREE stuff....no fair and love that cart!

  4. Oh.....my.....gawd!!!!!! I'm terrified of snakes, just like you. I would've done the exact same thing. I once was trying to get a stick out of our pine straw bed, around dusk, to clean out a bird feeder so I could refill it. Our pine straw is brown and as I reached down to pick up a stick, there was a snake in the straw that I just happened to notice in time or he easily could've bitten me! That was right beside my driveway........where I often walk in flip flops or even barefoot...........alot! I screamed immediately and went running inside. My husband went out to look at the snake and said it was a Copperhead. they are very poisonous! Lordy! they are common here in Georgia. He relocated the snake for me, but I think he should've killed it personally. Now, I'm very hesitant to stick my hand in the pine straw ever again. We have snakes all around us but I usually don't see them. That was a little too close to home. I love the little tea cart you found. it looks perfect in Rio's home. I can't wait to see more pics of her place!

  5. Oh yes....I have had moments like that...not too many, but memorable. When I was about 14, our family had a day trip with friends at Lake Tulloch. We played on rocks all day and then we heard that sound..rattle..rattle. My dad lifted the rock up as his friend stood by with his gun. And a nest of snakes...right under where we played. Two of the large ones were draped over a large tree..still twitching. They twitched enough to fall to the ground, near where my mom stood. She let out the biggest scream - that echoed in the hills - that I ever heard. We got a good laugh at it and a wonderful snake story to remember. Maybe you could ride your bike instead of walk??????

    LOVE the freebie! You have nice neighbors!

  6. Oh yes, all snakes were killed.....left that part out.

  7. Oh, we had the same thing happen to us. But I did run! I posted it a couple of years ago. My husband chose manly thing #2. However, when he realized it was a Rattler.....we moved on. In a while, you will get over the creepyness of it. Maybe take a stick on your walks? But don't stop the walks....you enjoy them too much!

  8. That's the find of the century. (The cart, not the snake!)

  9. Me too, right there with you, absolutely! Five inches or FIVE FEET I am freaked and hyperventilating!

    As for the trash you find, well, that, too, leaves me speechless. Can't wait to see Rio's next masterpiece!

  10. After that scare, my dilemma would be how do I get home without people seeing the huge wet mark on my britches? Dorie, there aren't enough words to describe my snake phobia.
    But man, that crazy cute cart redeemed the day!!!!!

  11. Fabulous score with the cart! It looks great in Rio's home.

  12. great find!! she styled it nicely!

  13. I want to go for walks where you live!! Great find!

  14. Ach!! I hate snakes too, I would have reacted much like you did. That is quite the find, how fun that you found it for free! So nice that your daughter loves it. :)