Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back to life..... :)

Just look at the yummy that my mom made me at 10pm when I arrived
in AZ last Monday!!
 It was some chicken, tortilla, poblano something with a side
of mushroom zucchini something and I'll tell you, I ate that
like I had just returned from being on that show Naked and Afraid!

Only I was neither of those things. (thank goodness!!)
Just super hungryyyy!!!

My week in AZ was crazy busy. Visiting friends and family and helping my
sis one day pack up her house.
Holy craziness moving to another country!!
She had to separate everything in her house into what was
going into storage, what was air shipment and what was sea shipment.
It made my move to California look like nothing!!

I would not want to be in her shoes.
No wait. 
I would like to be in her shoes, because that would mean she
would be taking me with her. Sob!!!!

Then came the ride home.
It's about a 7 1/2 hr drive, so to pass the time we
made videos and sent them to Rio who was driving just ahead of us.

Wallace was sooo not amused. 

It helped pass the time until I got home to this guy:)
He stayed back to take care of houses and animals.
Uh huh riiiiight. Let's be honest here, he couldn't
leave his beloved ocean!

But you know what??
I came home to a spotless house, (he even mopped the floors!)
a clean car, and my favorite treats on the counter!!

He said he knew I'd be tired and worn out and wouldn't want to come
home to a dirty house and car.

I'm just gonna say...
 whoever ends up with this adorable guy is
one lucky lady!!!


  1. Oh my...what a catch he's gonna be!! :) You're family looks so happy! :D And the video was so cute. Bet Rio loved it. :)

  2. What a great kid. You are blessed to have such great and loving kids. You guys act just like Jamie and I do with out kids. Love being around them and having fun with them. Glad to got to see Marlene & Bob before they left. I know you will miss them.

  3. My daughter would be a perfect match!

  4. How precious is he?! I have a beautiful single daughter, but I couldn't let her come to Cali! :(

  5. omg love the video - you and your hubs make a great couple - both wild and crazy - in a good way. love your blog and your sense of adventure.