Tuesday, June 23, 2015

And He walks with me.... :)

So while I feel super lucky to have found this rental here in Carp, there is a downside.
There's no yard:(
That means lots of walks for Little Bully.
Rain or shine.
(You can see here how much he enjoys the rain... hee hee hee.)

The upside though? 
I get to walk around my sweet little town and
take in all that it has to offer.
Like beautiful rose covered arbors....

 and the occasional FREE curbside goodie!!
Take a look at those chairs.
I mean what??

Take a look at my adorable hubby lugging those chairs home:)

Then take a look at how adorable they look in Rio's house!!

We still haven't heard back about the cute rental house we looked at. 
But I'm thinking that's the Lord's way of telling me he's got something
even better in our future:) and I'm ok with that:)


  1. Ha!! Cute pic of Bully!! WOW!! What a great find on those chairs. They look so cute in Rio's home. Have we seen her home yet? Purty please!! :)

    "But I'm thinking that's the Lord's way of telling me he's got something
    even better in our future"..........I agree ~ my inspirational post this morning on FB is: "God heard you..... just be patient." ;)

  2. Thank you for the last paragraph. I needed to see that today. I needed the reminder that God has His own plan. (We recently had a contract for a family to buy our home........and after we were all packed up and ready to go, it all fell apart right before closing.) (not our fault). So........after a week of crying........I needed to hear, what I already knew. the sale of our home is not in my timeframe.........but God's. Thank you. See, you never know who you will touch with your messges.

    I have NO affiliation.........but looking at your precious bully............have you seen the new Cycle Dog products? I love them. My Shih Tzu, Blu, loves hers.......... I love the whole concept of this company.
    Just saying...........

  3. I love Reenie's messge too.........that's another good one.
    Thanks Reenie

  4. and those chairs......GORGEOUS.....why would anyone get rid of them!

  5. Cute Bully!!! In hindsight I am ALWAYS thankful that things didn't go MY way! Gods plans are always far greater!!!

  6. He looks just like my bully when he doesn't want to go ! Gotta love em though. The chairs look really cute in Rio's house.

  7. Bully is a cutie and such a deal with those free chairs; they are ideal with that table.

  8. I can't believe those chairs were sitting there for free, I need to take walks in your neighborhood! And that LB, who doesn't love him!