Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Update.... :)

So I've received several emails about this house. Apparently you all
have been tossing and turning in your sleep over this ole gal!!

Well here's the very very sad story...
grab a tissue people.

A few days after I posted about this beautiful place that stole my heart, 
our realtor went and found the 93 year old owner (her dad built the place!!) who is 
living in Santa Barbara. She told her all about us and left her
with all our info. The owner stated that she still was unsure what 
she was going to do with the place....

Well.... I've since found out that the city has condemned this house.
waaaaaaa :( :( sniff sniff :( :( :( :( :( waaaaaaa sniff sniff :( :(

I may never ever get to love on the crying house and it completely
and utterly BREAKS MY HEART!!! 

You know what else is kinda heartbreaking??
We haven't heard back about this house!!!
I'm trying to not lose faith.
No. I'm NOT going to lose faith!!

So while playing the waiting game, 
I did a little retail therapy...

 Why of course I'll take this bully rug!!

And how bout this adorable pillow?
And for a mere $5.99? Yes please:)

And well duh- right?
On sale for $3.95 !!
I got 2 of them.

All these things are from H&M, and all these things
will be going in my new home...
that I don't have...


  1. Well.... shoot on the condemned home. What a waste. :( Keeping good thoughts on the other one. :)

  2. Does the city not know about your magical ways? I say march down there offer them $1 and turn crying house into happy house. They will thank you no doubt.

  3. You are getting ready for that move, and it will happen. Sad about the old house, it doesn't look like it needs to be condemned. Couldn't it be fixed?

  4. I agree with Cara ~ call the City and find out what happens next to the house. If it has to be torn down, or can someone purchase the property and bring it up to code.

    My Mom always says.... it doesn't hurt to ask. ;)

  5. Ditto to Carla and Reenie. Don't sit back watch that house fall.

  6. A white picket fence and a rambling rose, who could dream of more? I hope you get it!
    And what a pity that the sweet little crying house is condemned, I hope something can be done and perhaps one day it and you will be laughing together as you work your magic.