Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Memories..... :)

So this last week the hubby's sweet sister Wendy and her family paid us
a visit. That's her sitting between us. She is my hero:)
That woman has fought breast cancer 3 times.
Yeah. 3 TIMES. Like a boss.
After a fantastic week with us, her family headed south to 
San Clemente CA because her girls were playing in a
tennis tournament there:)

Well we decided to take the train down to watch the girls play. We were
sooo excited for the almost 4 hour train ride! Reading, eating, looking at
the beautiful coast and napping...
Somebody (who shall remain nameless) mixed up our departure
times and we missed the train:( :(
After we stood staring at each other in disbelief and laughing hysterically,
we jumped in the car and headed their way:)

You see, San Clemente and Dana Point were our stomping grounds for
over 17 years! We hadn't been back since we sold our place a few years
ago, so I was excited to watch the girls play some tennis
and visit all our old haunts:)

As soon as we exited PCH into Dana Point, we drove past our 
old house (of course).

I always get a little nervous to see if the new owners of our old
houses love them like we did.
Wow!! The house looked sooo happy!! They added that
cupola with the mermaid weather vane and redid the
front porch and it looked

After the neighborhood tour, we headed to one of my 
favorite eats in San Clemente- Nick's on Del Mar Street.
I had been dreaming about their roasted chicken for the
entire car ride. Roasted chicken is one of my favorite things
ever and I couldn't WAIT to chow down on Nick's.

We got there and sat down and I didn't even look at the menu,
because duh- I already knew what I was getting!
So I ordered the roasted chicken and the waitress looked at me
all puzzled like and said
"yeah, we don't have that anymore"

I'm pretty sure the room went black and silent.
I just sat back and said...
well ok.
Just give me a minute to look over the menu and drown my
sorrows in some bacon deviled eggs then...

Have you ever romanticized something you ate so much
that absolutely NOTHING on the menu even comes close
to your favorite dish?
Yeah me too.
I ordered the Sea Bass. 
And I don't even really like fish:(
I pretty sure I was still high from the bacon deviled eggs.

I will say that I sure perked up when my lunch arrived though.
I mean come on! what's not to love about that adorable
mesh bag over the lemon??
I reeeally had to stop myself from "accidentally" putting
that little thing in my purse!!
Can anyone tell me where to get them??
I must have!

Ok, and I'll be honest.
THIS here is what I was dreaming about the entire car ride.
Nick's butter cake.
Oh me oh my I LOVE this dessert and after romanticizing
it in my head for all these years...
it did NOT disappoint!!

So our quick little trip to San Clemente was a fun trip down
memory lane. The extra time with family was awesome:)
Now I gotta go roast me a chicken....


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  3. Boy am I having trouble with my comments today. yikes. Those cute little lemon bags can be found at the webstaurantstore.com. That cute mermaid weather vane is the first thing I noticed. :)

  4. Nick's Butter Cake looks yummy and the weather vane and porch on your old home are attractive. It is always a relief to see your old home is being well cared for.

  5. Williams Sonoma has the stretch wraps for lemon halves and wedges. They are @ $5 for 12 wraps. I bought some today!