Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Say what??..... :)

 So as some of you may or may not know, Little Bully
LOVES him some toys.
To death. 
Like they don't last very long AT ALL.
He also LOVES him some ball playing.
He will sacrifice life and limb to get that tennis ball I'm telling you!
He's always been a very active little guy.

But lately I was noticing that he wasn't acting like his normal self.
He couldn't jump on the couch anymore, and just seemed
like he wasn't interested in playing so much.
So I did what any crazy dog loving person would do!
I called the vet and ordered X-rays because I was certain he
had something wrong with his hips or his knees.

Well $300 later...
 guess what the Dr. said...
He's FAT.
Yep. Absolutely nothing wrong with his knees or hips.
He's just FAT.

I was like huh??
What do you mean???
You can't be serious????

Here he is begging THROUGH THE WINDOW!!!

So the beggar of the year is officially cut off.
Yep you heard me right Wallace!!
No longer will you lure me in with those beautiful brown
hungry eyes.

As a preventative, the Dr. put him on some fish oil and glucosamine.
 I was trying not to laugh when she said that even though LB (fitting initials)
weighs 30 lbs, that I could go ahead and give him the lower dose because
he's going to be losing weight...

I'm thinking yoga just might not be doing enough...

He might need to add in some cardio...

So Mr. hunk of love is going to be slimming down if it kills me.
And it will.
Just scroll back up and look at those eyes!!!!


  1. Poor thing! We all need to lose a few pounds from time to time. I'm so proud of him for doing yoga and cardio. :)

  2. It would kill me too! Those eyes, that face!!

  3. OMG! The downward dog pose is perfection! I don't know how you're going to resist that face when he begs!! He is just precious.

  4. He is beyond precious!!!! I would totally cave into those big brown eyes too. My dog is always begging for our food too. He isn't fat so we often give in but our vet warned us against it because it can cause health problems as he ages. He's already 10. So we're careful not to give him rich fatty foods. My dog is so hyper! I think that's what keeps him slim. I hope Wallace loses the weight and perks back up. I bet taking him for walks will make a huge difference!

  5. OMG-your post was hilarious! The pictures were too cute. I can totally relate. My little four-legged boy has been getting the same way, although he is now 12 or 13 years old. Breaks my heart to see him not be able to jump like he use to. What we do for our precious pups!

    Pat in Chicago

  6. OMG ~ those pics are too cute ~ ~ I just want to squeeze him. :)

  7. Oh Wallace, you are just one handsome guy! Your JEDI mind tricks must have worked on the humans to give you bites from their plates. Our Duhgall does the same thing. Tell your momma that you can have watermelon and carrots - both chopped fine so as to not choke - and they are low fat yummies for a healthy snack.

    Cute, cute, cute post!!!

  8. Oh Wallace, be a good boy and exercise more and eat less!

  9. Lol. At least he's a "cute" fat. ;) When one of our grandsons came to visit us, he looked at our lab Molly and said "wow, she got fat". lol. I had noticed a few extra lbs on her but when he said that, I knew it was time to stop "feeding" her begging problem. Now, other than a few slips, she sticks to her dog food and I was surprised how fast she slimmed back down to a healthy weight. So, just know that not feeding little Bully all those yummy little in between meal bites is totally for his own good. And you can stick to it cause you LOVE him SOOO much. :D

  10. The picture with the grapes and cheese would have me caving if I couldn't give him treats. What a handsome boy.

  11. You are so funny! I can tell you had a marvelous time with this post! I am also betting you spent as much time getting this ready as any other posts! With all the good eats at your house, it's no wonder LB begs and eats so much! I would, too! Good luck with the new regimen! Enjoy that fish erl!

  12. LAUGHED SO HARD! He's just fat, lol. Oh poor Wallace!! Well, time for a diet, but I think fat means he's happy :)

  13. I so look forward to TWD, and this is just one reason. LBFAT, but HAPPY! Can't wait for the cardio pics.

  14. oh my GOSH! I just laughed so hard! This is the best thing I've read all day. BY FAR. Poor Little Bully. Diets suck!!!