Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Elizabeth June.... :)

I love houses. All shapes and sizes of houses.
If I believed in past lives I'd swear I WAS a house!!

Today I'm going to tell you about our next Project Beautify house that we
have "in the hopper" as the hubby would say:)

Looook at that driveway people! When we first pulled up it
I was in love:)

When we turned the corner at the top of the drive and saw the house,
I couldn't help but think hmmm...
it's GREEN... I'm feeling good about this one:)

I remember when I was little I couldn't WAIT for Halloween.
Not because of the candy though. But because I couldn't wait to 
take a peek inside people's houses just beyond the front door!!
Yes. I was a weirdo.

Well that same feeling still comes up every single time we look at 
a new property. (I'm still a weirdo:)
 I'm telling you- houses have a story to tell.
They have a "feeling". We've actually passed up properties
because the hubby and I just thought the house had
a bad "feeling"!!
(We're both weirdos:)

 Well wait till you step inside this one....

The second I walked in this house I could feel the love. I don't know
how else to describe it, but I sat in that yellow club chair and took it all
in... the home that once belonged to 
Elizabeth June Kristofferson Rohrer Pickarts.
Everything was spotless, perfectly matched and perfectly placed.

And see that cool floral thing above the fireplace? Oh how I wish
it would have stayed with the property. It lit up and was on a dimmer
and was just the coolest thing!
I love love love that brick fireplace:)

The more I walked around this house, the more I felt a sisterhood
with Elizabeth June. This pic doesn't do the paint color justice on this 
built-in in the hallway but,
it's the prettiest shade of green:)

I pulled this little green book off her shelf and thought
how much that girl on the cover looked like the Holly
Hobbie doll I had when I was little:)

All over the property you could see a love of birds:)
-and you all know my love of birds.

On one side of the backyard is this little hidden staircase...

When you get to the top of that staircase...
you see this...
green, green and more green:)

Look at that view of avocado orchards and the ocean beyond that, and on
a clear day the channel islands beyond that.
Wow right??

 In the garage was something under a white blanket.
So because I'm one of those that reads the end of a book because
I can't stand the suspense, I had to look underneath...

Well I'll be.
I love you Elizabeth June. 
And if I believed in past lives I'd swear we were twins:)

Thank you, thank you Elizabeth June for the 37 years of love
you poured into this house.

I'm truly honored to get the chance to love on it next:)


  1. She sure is a real cutie! I can't wait to see the love you pour into her! Have fun and make sure to take breaks to enjoy the view!

  2. Wow. What a great house. I can't wait to see what you do with it. And that chair. Gorgeous.

  3. That chair is so you....and me, too. What will happen to Elizabeth Jane's things? It would be cool to leave that light. So retro. And the view...love, love, love.

  4. Do we assume that Elizabeth Jane has passed???
    Maybe you would have the opportunity to keep some of her things in the home.
    A match made in heaven.......
    Makes me miss Cali.

  5. I have a strong feeling that a future post will declare that you made this your home.

    1. That was my thought too! It just seems meant to be :)


  6. Perfection!! I'm looking forward to what's in store! Such an amazing piece of property!!! Truly was meant to be! I'll bet you dream about it often. TeHeHee!!! ;)

  7. What a beautiful home! I can definitely feel the love from Elizabeth Jane and you!

  8. That house is lovely now, but will be so nice when you are done with it, I'm sure.
    I must be a weird-o too. I can remember what all of my friends homes looked like back when I was 6 and 7 years old. I must have been a nosy kid, looking at everything closely so as to remember it. I remember what my schools looked like too... I even dreamed about them. I love buildings and houses, mainly the old ones though.