Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No more Backabro.... :(

I bought this couch from Ikea almost exactly one year ago. It had just come
out, and when I went to the store they hadn't even received their floor
model yet. This one is called the Backabro, and what I really like about
it is that it's a pull out bed which works great when we have family
come visit. And that chaise? it lifts up for blanket storage:)

Well Mr. Backabro was starting to show some wear.
No biggie right?
I'll just order another slipcover!

Yeah no.
They freaking DISCONTINUED it!!!!!
You can imagine my face...
staring at the computer screen excessively blinking
as if I wasn't really reading it right.
I mean who the?
what the??

The thing that came to mind at that time was this little ditty
 from a Mr. Kenny Rogers....

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.

So after a mild break down, I typed the Backabro model number into google
hoping to find a slipcover somewhere,
and whaddya know...
Ebay! and brand new! for $65!!

The thing that came to mind after I bought it
was this little ditty from a Ms. Donna Fargo...

I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA!!!


  1. Hi Dorie , Bemz make Ikea slip covers also. Fyi. Wallace is looking great.

  2. You can find alot of Ikea stuff (cheaper) on Ebay. The Lucille ditty is from Kenny Rogers.

    1. Oooh you're right! It was Kenny! Thank you!

    2. Thank goodness...glad you didn't have to sing the Achy Breaky Heart song!

  3. Your both right. They each had a mega hit from the writers of the song Bynum and Bowling. Now we can all sleep well tonight.

  4. I'm glad you found a slipcover for it. I love your decor, I would like to see more of it, pretty please:)
    Thanks, Cindy

  5. I was just about to suggest Ebay when I read the end of your post. Glad you were able to find a slipcover.

  6. Hahahahaha! You crack me up!! Glad you got the replacement slip cover you need, I have the ektorp (?) L shaped sectional and they'd BETTER have the slipcovers I need come time to replace them! PS show us the progress on the house youre working on! :D

  7. Spain Ikea sell now. I want to ask if they are easy to put on and remove the covers for washing. Thank you