Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Project Trinity.... :)

So this week I thought I'd give you a little looky at our current Project Beautify
house. This little cutie was a 3 bedroom 2 bath house when we got
her. She's now a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom! Sooo much left to do, but
I'll show you what I see every time I look at her!

I see her as an all white house. Benjamin Moore swiss coffee to be exact. So the whole
body and all the trim will be white. That red brick
has to go:( it's no where else on the house and it just looks kinda weird.

At the eaves all around the house is wood siding, well...we found out that some
termites have been feasting on it so it has to go too.

We're going to be replacing all that with cedar shingle siding.
The natural wood color will really warm up all the white paint:)
We're also adding a simple natural wood pergola over
the garage door.

The garden window on the front is going to go too.
We'll be replacing it with a regular window and
some stained shutters like these:)

And then the front door...
I fell instantly in love with this pic!
Duh! Of course I did!!
So the front door is going to be
Churlish Green by Farrow and Ball:)

The kitchen is starting to shape up!
Cabs are in, and tomorrow I'm going to go pick
out the counter tops. I'm thinking quartz? I'm kind
of liking the sleekness of it:)

All the hardware, door hinges, door handles and plumbing fixtures are 
going to be black:)

But guess what I'm most excited about???
Squeeeeel!!! These lights!!!
They're all from Schoolhouse Electric.

Upper left- Master bath
Upper right- Downstairs hall bath
Lower left- Dining room
Lower right- Kitchen sink

So this is the most current house I'm pretending is going to be mine...
I swear it's the Lord's way of keeping my creative juices flowing since
I can't do it in my own house... :)
He's awesome like that:)


  1. Love the color the front door is going to be.... also love all the fixtures. Can't wait to see it finished. :)

  2. I cant.wait. If I win the lotto....I'm flying you and your people in to make over my home!

  3. Love all your ideas and I love all the lighting you picked too!! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  4. Your posts each week keep me looking forward to next Tuesday!!! You guys are like a box of chocolate! Lol, yup, I went there! I may not always post but i keep checking in each week! How lovely that you work together to make these homes livable and lovable. Blessings and continued success! Enjoy cuz it's nothing but hot, hot, and muggy here in AZ!!! I miss the ocean breezes!!! ; )

  5. I love Tuesdays because of your posts. Could you come to Indiana and fix up my house? LOL