Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Perfect Linens.... :)

While I get asked all the time to do sponsored posts and advertising
and such, I haven't ever wanted to do it. I just like keeping
my blog truthful and talk only about the things I truly love.
I got an email that perked my interest. It was from Michelle at
Perfect Linens. She asked if I would try out her sheets and
then tell my readers about them, because she was sure I was
going to love them.

So I thought about it for about 2 seconds and agreed to give em a try.
I mean come on, I LOVE me some sleep. My mom used
to say my bed was my favorite place ever. And she's right!
I was the girl that dreamed about a Princess and the Pea
bed full of soft mattresses and snugly bedding:)

I ordered the Second Skin sheets in duh! Fern Green:)
They're 100% pure Egyptian cotton, which to me says
....Awesome (said in a high pitched opera voice) !!

After washing them and putting them on slightly damp to smooth
out wrinkles (as per directions) I noticed how long they are!
This makes them perfect for the fold over and show off the
pretty side thing:)

Aint that the truth! 
Sleeping is so important and quite frankly the best thing
ever, so why not make your bed the place you'll never
want to leave, right?! 

I kid you not people- 
My hubby who typically couldn't care less about bedding
actually commented about these sheets the next morning!
He turned to me and said "these sheets! I don't wanna get out of bed!"
That's a two thumbs up:)

I was feeling like my pics were getting kinda boring, so I looked around
the room for the perfect model to show them off...

LB was not pleased at first.
He was like NOOOOO!!!

And then he was like wait...
These sheets.....
Oh mom, I totally get what you're saying!
These sheets are so....


Seriously though! These sheets are hands down my favorite ever.
And I'm totally not even kidding.
I'm going to order me a set for my guest room so all my
visiting peeps can enjoy them too!

So do yourself a big favor and order some!!
Dorie tested and Little Bully approved!!

And hey! Perfect Linens  is offering you all a special discount,
type Tuesdays50 at checkout to get 50 buckaroos off your purchase!

Sweet dreams are made of this.....


  1. Great sheets are hard to find...thanks for sharing!
    A new book released today titled "Simply Tuesdays" by Emily P. Freeman reminded me of your lovely blog!
    There's a fun review of the book @ flowerpatchfarmgirl.com
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Dorie,

    What wall color did you use on the Ventura house?


    Cathie, Vancouver BC CANADA

    1. Hi Cathie!
      The interior is Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams with Swiss Coffee trim:)

  3. I bought the sheets! Night 3 of using them, Love them and I would get more! With the discount that took $50 off dont forget, free shipping and they shipped quickly.

    1. Yay Shar!! Aren't they WONDERFUL!!?? I'm totally ordering more too!!