Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Step it up.... :)

So check out the stairs at our Trinity project.
They were oak and I'm sure back in the
day they were fab:)

With the house looking so bright and
cheery, these stairs were looking...well....
not that.
So we decided to give those 
steps some love:)

I ordered 3 of these runners from Dash & Albert 
and the hubby had the best time in his life 
installing them:)

Like he was singing my praises the entire time.
I'm sure of it. 

His actual words were-
"that was...tedious"

Let me translate that for you-
"I'm never doing this again."

But hey! It's all in the details right??

This adorable house in midtown Ventura will hit the market
this Friday!!
And I'm telling you, somebody is going to LOVE that
staircase and it will all be worth it!!


  1. I'm sure this house is going to be beautiful like all the others. Will you give us a tour next week?

    Pat in Chicago

    1. Hi Pat!!!
      Yes! I'm planning on a before and after post for sure:) this house just might be my favorite so far!

  2. Gorgeous! You sure know how to beautify homes Dorie! I love it!

  3. amazing stairs! another house to covet. sigh sigh.
    love "dash and albert". remember our basket full of rugs??? wanted all of them!:)

    1. Awww!! That memory just made me miss you:(like super bad:( :(

  4. Right!!! :D Love those stairs/runner. Nice job to both of you!

  5. So adorable! Well worth the tedious pain. Love the front door, too!! Can't wait to see the whole tour!

  6. That is awesome! Will probably sell the house (or at least that's what I'd tell hubby after all his effort!) ;)

  7. Replies
    1. Hahaha!! The tile looks perfect now. With us being so crunched for time we went with just the straight subway pattern:( looks good though!! I'll save my herringbone dreams for another house:)

  8. Did you put any kind of padding under the runner? I've had Dash & albert runners as rugs but always used a thin pad. This looks great: our treads and risers are all white and I've wondered how this would look! thanks.

    1. Hi Libby!
      No we didn't use any padding. I used the indoor/outdoor runners. They are thin and worked perfect for this. We just stapled at the corner where the riser meets the tread, and used a pneumatic staple gun so the staples would imbed deeper into the rug so the nail head wouldn't be seen. Hope this helps? It turned out sooo good!!