Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monday Monday.... :)

So I woke up all refreshed from a great nights sleep.
I got dressed for the day and headed downstairs to 

I stopped just shy of the bottom of the stairs to
snap this pic.
SOMEBODY has a case of the Mondays I thought.
I mean what in the world?

See, we carry Wallace up the stairs every night and down every
morning because
he's fat  of his bad hips so I know this didn't happen during
the night.
He needs Xanax. Or maybe I do.
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After I had my morning coffee, I headed to Ventura to our Trinity project
to check the progress and snap some pics for you guys.

NOBODY likes the white. And by nobody I mean all the guys working
on the house. They've named it Casa de Locos (the Madhouse or Asylum).

I'm totally the Lone white loving Ranger on this one.
It's hard trying to get people to understand what you
see in your head ya know?

oh! and check out this latest problemo...

It was supposed to be herringbone.
It's more like herringbo........
What happened? 
Do we rip it out? Start over? Leave it?
What the...
I don't even know.

What I do know is-
I got in the car and drove the whole way home so upset
and frustrated about this stinkin house.
Sooo dumb I know!
Apparently Wallace wasn't the only one having a case of the Mondays!!


  1. Love the white paint on the house, but, the subway tile pattern, which is hard for me to even look at, has to go, go, go and the tile layer has to be whipped with a very wet noodle!

  2. Oh my...the backsplash is a little confusing.

    They will come to love the white outside when you put your touches on it.

  3. Love the white on the house but don't love the pattern of the subway tile.

  4. i'd leave the subway. it'll be a conversation piece and once a few things are on the counter, it'll look like it was on purpose. pick your battles, dorie!

  5. Yea, I'm with you on the rippin' out of the "arrow" tile. My eye goes down and then it's like confusion in my head on which way to look. BUT, at least they got the awesome white paint job done. And what do guys know anyways.......hmph!

  6. Give Wallace a snug hug from us! LOL under my breath...but I feel your pain, Dorie.


  7. oh man, sorry about your Monday Dorie, but good news - today's Tuesday! :)

  8. I don't think the tile looks too bad!! I think once it's all done ~ it won't be that noticeable. ;)

    Oh Wally!!! :o

  9. Wow... you've had quite a week! I totally love the white house... I learned long ago to never pay attention to the opinions of the male-dominated renovation crews. They usually lack vision and prefer every wood piece to be stained and shellacked, and river rock everywhere else. Trust your gut as always and it will be another success! And I bet it was another male member of the renovation crew that put the tile that way? MUST. COME. DOWN. No. Just, no. Bless your heart, this house will be amazing once done, if you can make it through this! I'm SO happy to see your creative touch is blessing the Carpenteria community, I'm from Redondo Beach and those cottages need attention, not 10 condos in their place. Thanks for sharing your adventures!
    G (Queen Creek, now Houston)

  10. Love the white! Will look A-DORIE-ABLE!! Take guys opinion with a grain of salt.
    Sad, but tile must come down! : (

  11. LOL, was the same guy that put the tile up also one that doesn't like the white on the house? There you go.
    Love the white house. MAH

  12. Yay on the white house.
    NAY on the tile. Whoa. Just no.

    1. Also, I was born in Ventura. It's my happy place, so, thank you for making it even more beautiful one house at a time. :)

  13. Love the white house. The tile...not so much, it should go.

  14. lol the tile arrow...cook food here ⬇️

  15. Hey Dorie,
    The tile makes me dizzy to look at but, love the white! As far as Wallace...I love him! We have 2 labs girls, Charlie and Emma. We also have a tiny chihuahua named Bishop who we adopted in Feburary who was tiny and now um, is a baby tank. Love everything you do! Have a great week. ~Bobbie

  16. Oh MY!! I'm so sorry. I know it's not funny, but girl, I hear you speaking in the way you write and I die! Tear out the herringbo . I'm with you 110% on the white! We all think you are A-Dorie-ble!

  17. I looked up what a herringbone pattern actually is. I agree the tile has got to go. Your living room explosion is too funny.

  18. Uh oh! I've seen that face before! I get like that when I'm on a diet too :( Question, Dorie: you strike me as a "style file" kind of girl yet you have no clutter. How do you store all your magazine clippings?

  19. Oh Wallace, what did you do? I think your house will turn out nicely, it is the process that is difficult.