Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Big Sur Bigger hair..... :)

So the day after my cousin and his sweet family left,
more family showed up:)

Seriously how lucky am I that I've got such great people
in my life that want to come hang with me:)

This is my sis in law and her two lovely girlies, and they
wanted to see Big Sur...

You guys....!!!
It's honestly breathtaking.
McWay Falls...I love you.

My sis in law read about Pfeiffer Beach where the sand is
purple so we headed there next.
I couldn't WAIT to take pics of us in all this loveliness!!

Well let me just say, this beach gave a whole new meaning to the phrase
"wind in my hair".

I don't even know how hard the wind was blowing, like I don't know
the exact miles per hour because I'm not a wind measurer, but holy
sandblasting people!!

I'm laughing in this pic to keep from crying because just seconds before
 my SIL's hair whipped in my face and I swear darn near sliced
my cornea.

I learned my lesson and put on my safety goggles.

I love this pic so much!!
Totally kidding.
 I love how it makes me look like I have purple
teeth. Like I've drank an entire bottle of red wine.

 Which to tell you the truth, I wanted to drink myself silly when we got to our 
hotel and I went to wash out the 
10 lbs. of sand in my hair and realized two things...

I forgot my HAIRBRUSH 
...and my CONDITIONER!!

Good times. 


  1. You are so funny! I love your ability to laugh! Your blog is a bright spot!

  2. To quote the late, but so, so great Nora Ephron, "I'll have what she's having!"

  3. OMG! Big Sur is breathtaking! I've never been to the west coast before so I really enjoy seeing your pics. It's so different from the east coast. I've never seen purple sand before either. How cool!

  4. I laughed at the "sliced my cornea" because I know that feeling!! LOL! Love your posts Dorie, they are so cheerful!

  5. I was at Pfeiffer Beach in July (my daughter lives in CA). We sat in line for ages to get in. But beautiful. We came from Big Sur that day too. Beautiful country for someone who lives in Indiana

  6. I love your blog! So funny! I love your ability to laugh! And I enjoyed your photos.