Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Roll with it.... :)

 So this here is the master bedroom in our little cutie.
That door straight ahead is the bathroom, which is what
makes this the master because all the bedrooms in 
this house are kinda the same size.

I've never lived with so little "decor" in my whole life.
This house is small and I just have no room for it! 
But you know what?  I'm liking it that way:)

I'm learning when you live in a small house, you've got to get 
creative sometimes to find extra storage space.
My bedspread hides all the baskets under the bed that hold 
shoes and winter bedding etc.

This dresser is still one of my fave pieces I've ever
bought from FOUND in AZ.
Loooove it:)

What's not to love? That teeny tiny closet just to
the right of my dresser that's what :(

I used to have a ridiculous amount of jewelry. After the last few
moves and purges, this is what's left. And to be honest, all I really 
wear anymore is what's laying on the dresser.

So let's get back to the teeny tiny closet.
You guys. Even after I purged and kept only what I really love
and really wear...
I couldn't fit it in that teeny tiny closet:(
Think a closet the size of a house built in the 20's.
Yeah. Peeps back then had like no clothes.

I knew this pipe clothes rack from World Market was gonna help a girl out.
At first I was a little scared about the look of it, 
but days later I was setting it up and....

I love it!!
I put all my fall/winter clothes out hoping that by
doing this, fall/winter weather might actually 
decide to make an appearance!!

 Anyone else over the warm weather??

Who's ready for sweaters and boots??
and fires...
and soups...

(once again, I'm a poet and didn't know it)


  1. I love warm weather!!! I love fires and soups!! Boots and sweaters, not so much. LOL Bedroom is lovely!

  2. Great idea! It's amazing what you can get rid of and not miss.

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    1. My computer is being funky this morning…here's my comment
      How do you do it?! You make every house so adorable and so quickly! We have the same tiny closets in our house. :( I feel your pain girl. And I'm ready for sweater weather, too! Please google "SNL Sweater Weather" skit…you will die!

  4. So charming! Looks as if you've always lived there.I am doing my rain dance in Northern Ca.Yes, bring on the cool weather.my sweaters are itching to be worn,No pun intended

  5. I am wishing it would cool down, too. I am sorry you don't have a bigger closet. I bought my house for the closets & huge pantry! I know we will down size at some point, ugh! Smaller closets, no pantry!

  6. Even your clothes match the decore

  7. Even your clothes match the decore

  8. A designer told me once "to get a feel for what I love (colors and such) just look in your closet”. Spot on!