Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Freaking Target.... :)

I'll just start this post by saying...

  the other day I was at Target....
and there it happened..
 I saw this lamp.

Freaking Target.
I walk in to get something like toilet paper,
and end up with this lamp that starts
an avalanche of reorganizing, cleaning and

 I don't know what it is? Subliminal messages is the music?
Something in the popcorn? But every stinkin time
I'm at Target, I get sucked in to perusing the house stuff.
Like I end up looking at every. little. thing!!

So this lamp made it's way into my cart:)

I decided I couldn't handle my desk back there behind the chair anymore.
(Nobody puts baby in the corner!! ha ha ha!!)

So I moved it into the guest room and it freed up
this corner and made it look SOOO much better in here!!

That pillow....makes me snile every time I look at it ;)

Somehow those two little wood houses on that shelf made their way
into my cart too! I hate when that happens!!
Just kidding. I love when that happens:)

(yes that's the weirdest place for a sconce ever.. the 
joys of renting:)

And new lamp means new pillow covers right?
They're all from H&M:)

I mean what's a house without a bug pillow?

I should have stuck to the toilet paper aisle!

Freaking Target.
I love you:)


  1. I just saw that yesterday! How is the light from it? Not too much glares?

    1. I use really low watt bulbs in my lamps (like 25watt) so I don't notice a glare?

  2. Freaking Dorie. I'm on Target.com right now ordering this lamp ;)-

  3. Hi - So love your blog!! Just sending a thought on the sconce. Now that you have Freaking Target's cute houses up on the shelf - what better to join them is to make a tall house with simple cut out windows - same shape but tall and thin to go over the sconce - at night it will look like the house is lit...... I think you know some wood workers... :) Sandra....http://www.thebirdhousebarn.com/11windowsaltboxhouse.jpg

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that! Ha Ha. I love Target for that reason too. Cute things you found!

  5. I love Target but I live 13 miles away from one-I don't need anymore stuff in my house either. So I look at the Sunday flyer in the newspaper, I always want something too! I have a few thrift stores that are closer! Homegoods is only 9 miles away! I find the best stuff at thrift stores, unique vintage stuff that makes me so happy! That is why I don't need anymore stuff in my house !

  6. I bought 2 of the same table lamps at Target last week.. I didn't know it came in a floor version... oh no.

  7. Geez. I bought 3 tops and two sweaters there yesterday. Goodby Nordstrom...I'll miss you....

  8. Wonderful photos! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have been going back and forth over getting that same lamp! Love it so much! I also bought the black and white throw pillow behind your snile pillow. :) Target took so much of my money this fall. AMAZING!

  10. None of the Target stores in my area carry that lamp as per their website but when I tried to order it online it said "not available to ship in California." Now I know you live in the Carp so how did YOU get the lamp? I have been determined to get one because it is just right for the chair where my husband sits so how did you do it?

    1. Hello! I actually bought mine at the Target in Ventura (I think they call it the Ventura West store) on Main St. right off the shelf !? So weird!! Where are you in Cali?

  11. I'm in Sacramento, Northern California. Frustrating because we're both in California! Bummer!