Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Via Baja so far.... :)

I thought I'd give you all a little update on one of our current 
houses. This is the Elizabeth June house, or what we call
(by the address) the Via Baja house.

I luh uh uhve this house.
Like so so much.
The views are spectacular from the back yard and it just has
the best feel to it!

Roof is done and we're painting the exterior today!

I absolutely love creating these homes for other people. We always say
we make our homes something that we would love to live in ourselves:)

Lighting all in and ready to hang and look pretty:)

Wood floors are in and we're ready to paint the interior.

Soapstone counters all templated and ordered. Oh you have no idea how
much I want these counters for myself....sigh...someday:)

Kitchen faucet:)

This here is my inspiration for the interior colors. White walls, black doors:)

Brushed brass cabinet hardware:)

 Gasp! Look at that tile. I had to beg and bat my green eyes for it.
I was just shy of promising to eat Ramen for a 
month to get it. 

You're welcome future buyer:)

This gorgeous home sits up on a hill in Ventura, CA with the bestest views of an
avocado orchard with the ocean just beyond that.
Dreamy I tell ya...
She'll be ready to snatch up around mid November.
I can't WAIT to show you when she's complete!!


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  2. Love lovee!! You guys are amazing!!

  3. WOW, so sleek! Can't wait to see more. =)

  4. Love seeing what you do to these slighty neglected places that you put so much love into ... and then they become homes not just houses. have followed you blog for quite a while now.... even from 'down under' in NZ

  5. Could you please share the source for this beautiful tile?

    1. Hello! The tile is Alyse Edwards - London Calling Collection, and the pattern name is Don't Get Your Knickers In A Twist Cloudy And Mist. It's super super pricey, but oh sooo pretty:)

  6. I wanna be you when I grow up!!! :)

  7. WINNING! Love watching your transformations. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.