Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brain fry.... :(

The day after the Super Bowl feast got me feeling all like...

Let's just say I didn't chow down on salad, or anything remotely
green for that matter.
Chase and I cooked and went to town on all things worthy
of sitting on the couch and watching football.

How do I segue...
How do I segue...
Gaaaa!! shakes fists in air!!
I can't think of a way to transition to the following pics,
so you know what?? I'm not going to!! 
Cause I'm a rule breaker like that!!
(and my brain is as fried as the chips I ate on Sunday...)

So I went to check out the progress of our Coronado property
yesterday because Rog said the back splash tile was in.
You guyzzzzuh! I'm in love:)

This is the 1920's little Spanish cutie in Ventura.
This old gal was screaming for a 
a black metal hood in the kitchen:)

  How bout that front door color eh?!
The entire house is white with stained window
trim so I thought it needed a pop of color:)

More original hardware:)

Not too sure how to end this post...
Ugh! I need to eat a salad!!


  1. Ooh, I can't wait to see this house when it is finished!

  2. Your backsplash is beautiful! Love the hood too!

  3. Gorgeous! You have a way with bringing those homes new life, that's for sure.

  4. Fiddle dee dee! Eat salad tomorrow.
    Oh my........this house is looking gorgeous!!!!! Simply gorgeous.

    I do have a question.......as I respect your opinion (and shoe choice😍😎). When y'all go in and do these wonderful refurbs.......what products do you use to change cabinets from "color" to white? We have moved from FL to MO and our new kitchen has these gross cabinets in the kitchen. The wood is sound, but the color looks like Sponge Bob!!!!! Kind of pukey yellow-ish. Ugh we want to paint the cabinets white......and we want it to last. Can you advise????? TIA Ter'e, your fellow MOC lover!!!!!

  5. Eek! Those are our door knobs in our house!! Except someone painted them gold and they have stayed that way. I like them in their natural state. Loving that backsplash, too!! Gorgeous!

  6. Cant wait to see more! Have I ever told you I wanna be you when I grow up?! :)