Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Freshen up.... :)

Oh man this weather. It's been absolutely beautiful and sunny 
here. I'm loving the windows open and the
fresh air. This time of year always
 makes me want to freshen up the

I'll tell you what, the ole Ikea Backabro slipcover has seen 
better days and sure could use some freshening up:( 

This couch gets a whole lotta use. It doesn't help that
 SOMEONE I know likes to lounge
on it too, instead of his bed sitting there all lonely
on the floor....

Well Ikea decided not to make the backabro anymore, and that really
stinks because that means no more slipcovers either:(
Lame right?
I found a slipcover on eBay a while back, and I've
 been waiting as long as I could to use it
since it's going to be harder and harder to find them.

Look at Little Bully he's like huh?? seriously??
This is really happening??
I'm so excited to have a fresh slipcover to wipe
all my frenchie boogers on!!
He's so gross.
But so stinkin adorable too:)

I got all kinds of visitors coming in March so I figured
now's the time to finally open the box I've been hanging
on to for so long, and put that new slipcover on already!!

Oh! check out my new favorite thing...

I found this tea towel in Ojai a few weeks back.
I put it in a frame from Target.
I love it:)

Looking forward to hanging with my peeps.
All crammed together.
On my new slipcovered couch:)


  1. Amanda - From New ZealandFebruary 17, 2016 at 12:10 AM

    Loving your blog so much,can't wait to see what appears each week,you never fail to make me want to step right in through your front door, share a cuppa and enjoy every little nook and cranny of your beautiful home, looking at all your lovelies( While having a cuddle with the gorgeous Wallace I might add) and the beautiful homes that you and your lovely family bring back to life, you totally inspire me with all your wonderful ideas and relentless energy all the way from here in New Zealand,looking forward to next week now.....Kind Regards Amanda x (Absolutely loving your wee wooden Rabbit and House bookends on your wee shelf:))

  2. CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU and your clan, tribe...people we LOVE!