Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Monday's are for.... :)

This never happens ever.
Rog stayed home sick with a cold.
He never gets sick, so for him to actually stay home
on the couch in a blanket, well- this cold has been a doozy:(

Normally Mondays are my "house day". Meaning, I stay home and
clean, do laundry and grocery shop.
Well not today.
Today I played nurse.
In between chicken soup and Theraflu deliveries 
I decided to play handyman too.
It was that or sit and watch Escape from Alcatraz....

I tackled that blank wall on the left there behind the chair.

I opened up my trusty pink tool kit that my father in law bought me
years ago. Over the years some of the tools have gone missing, (RIO!!)
but for the most part it still does the job:)

You see this? It's a guitar hanging thingy. For my birthday like forever ago,
Rog took me to an Alison Krauss concert. They were auctioning off an 
autographed guitar and that sweet man o' mine won it for me:)
We got to go back stage and meet her (she's TINY and so adorable!) and the whole
band from Union Station and take pics and all:)
Super cool.

                        Not cool? My hair back then. It was super short. It really accentuated 
my super round face. I don't even know what I was thinking.
Alison rocked that 'do. 
Me? Not so much.
I really can't talk about it. Or look at those pictures
without cringing. A bad haircut won't ruin your life,
but it will ruin every pic you took while you had it!!

let's move on shall we??

Well ever since that night I'm thinking 20 years ago? that
guitar has been in a case in storage.
Until now:)

NO I didn't actually measure anything! That's just silliness!
You see, I have a level in my eye. Yep! I was born that way.
My hubby is totally jealous of it. 
And my pink tool box.
I took this pic for giggles:)

The entire time I was hanging this stuff, Rog was giving
me pointers from the couch. 
Good thing because this girl with the pink tools 
was kinda freaking out when I realized this 
wall was plaster.

But I did it!!

I'm thinking I should find that old pic of me and Alison and my
hideous haircut and frame it. And hang it up there by that
guitar just for giggles.
LOTS of giggles.


  1. What a great idea! Love what you did.

  2. Looks great. YES... find the pic!!

    Hope Rog is feeling better.

  3. Memories, in whatever form, :) should always be "displayed". That's awesome. I love listening to Alison Krauss! I don't know about putting that picture up though, even though I try to do things like that. If you don't like something in it, such as your HAIR, lol, that may be all you see whenever you look in that direction. Hope Rog feels better soon. My hubby can't even stay still when he's sick. :/

  4. Looks great there but be careful because bright light will fade the writing. I learned that the hard way.

  5. My husband stayed home last Friday with a cold. Must be in the air! Love the guitar as art.

    1. Wait. I want to see the picture of you with short hair! It can't be any worse than me deciding to try out blonde hair on myself the week my daughter got married...so now all her wedding photos have my blonde hair fiasco memorialized for.ev.er. :(

  6. Love the guitar art!! May I ask the color of your walls? So struggling with a white color for my dining room. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Lisa! The color is Swiss Coffee which happens to be my go to white:) this is a rental house so I was sooo lucky that the walls were already painted this color! :)

  7. Too funny! I have a measuring tape in my eyeballs, too! It's a gift, I tell you! ;) Your little house is just too adorable.

  8. The new slip cover looks fab, btw ;)

  9. Not only can the writing on the guitar fade but I'm not sure leaving the guitar in the sunlight is good for the finish on it. (The curtain was opened to shed light on the subject, right?) Love yer blog