Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Project Beautify Hilltop.... :)

These two.
Honestly I couldn't be prouder.
Rio and Chase just finished up this home in Ventura last week,
and you guys....

This home was built in 1957 and was in serious need
of some lovin' from someone.
Enter Rio and Chase:)

 Let's step inside and take a look shall we?

Originally this was the dining and living room with big picture windows.
Rio and Chase took it to the next level by adding these amazing 
accordion doors and a huge (like 12ft x 60ft) wraparound deck that looks out to
the most beautiful unobstructed ocean view.

 This kitchen....
Serious heart eyes people.

 This master bedroom. You wake up, you sit up, and straight ahead...
ocean view:)

The master bath:)

This deck with that view is pretty much where I would happily spend
the rest of my days:)

No surprise this amazing house is already pending:)
These two are already on to their next project in Santa Barbara!!

For more pics and info on this property,


  1. WOW!!!! That's absolutely beautiful. Great job Rio & Chase.


  2. I just looked at the rest of the pics on the site. :o WOWZA!!

    HGTV needs to pick you 2 up as a show. :)

  3. Wow, absolutely amazing! Your talent has been passed down for sure!!

  4. I love that deck with ocean views and clear fence. Great job.

  5. Gorgeous!!! I need you guys to fix me a house in Temecula so we can buy one already done and beautiful ;)

  6. jaw-drop gorgeous. amazing. so well done. i want to move in tomorrow. ventura is my happy place.

  7. Wow!!! Love it all! Want that bathroom!