Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Underneath it all..... :)

This last week Rog and I went to check on the demo progress on one
of our homes. I love this part! This is when we can
peel away the layers and take a good look at we get to work with.
Almost always we find treasures.
Well, treasures to some of us:) 

Check out this ceiling that was covered up by 
sheet rock and insulation. Bummer we won't be able
to keep it since we are adding a second story:(
But we're going to salvage the wood and use it
somewhere else in the house:)

Wish I had a before pic of this fireplace:(
When the guys were doing the demo, they pulled off the brick
and tore out the hearth and underneath it all
they found bags of.....

What in the world? They had been walled over, sheet rocked over, 
and bricked over for who knows how long!!

The guys were like coooool!!!!
I was like- is grandmas china in there? old silver?? vintage jewelry???
anyyyything I would want????

Ugh no. Just stupid guns.

We only kept the one below. Because it was from
like 1903 and it just looked cool:)

While I was bummed to know there wasn't bags of the 
green stuff (aka cold hard cash) in the hearth,
I did however find this fabulous wallpaper
in the bathroom that is fun to look at:)

 Since this bathroom is going to be a goner, I'm gonna
have the guys save me a square of it so I can frame it:)

Sure could have used those bags of money that weren't in the 
hearth for my trip on Sunday... 

I'm going to see my sister for TWO WEEKS in Sydney, Australia
with my mama!!!
I can't WAIT!!

So I'm lettin you know that this girl here ain't gonna be doin no bloggin
till I get back, ok??


  1. Too bad the only green you found was the bathroom wallpaper! But, guns in a bag, now that's a story to add to the not-yet-published book on home renovation!

    Happy and safe travels! Can't wait to see what you do with this home, it looks bleak from the outside!

  2. Guns in the hearth? How weird! I wonder what the story is there? That walpaper is pretty!

    1. I wonder if those guns were used in a bank robbery or a murder?? 8( Last weeks post, which totally cracked me up, I want to use that picture of LB on a home made birthday card! Safe travels down under!

  3. I hope you got at least one bag of money for those guns, cause you could!! I found one gun in the top of a walk in closet we moved into years ago and my hubby still tells people what a find it was. lol Happy travels!!!

  4. What do you do with guns you find? can you legally sell them without being the permit owner? Do you have to call the police? What if they were used in a bank heist and are missing evidence? (You see where my mind goes...the worst scenario!). My brothers would have been all over that find! Hey, I found a photo of Richard and Ellye Bleak in the front yard of the Mesa bungalow. Do you want to see it?

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  6. :o That's crazy!!! Have fun on your trip.

  7. Have fun, take lots of photos to share with us!!! :)

  8. Soooo many questions about those guns! Is there any way you'd be able to elaborate on the story about that unbelievable discovery? Such as: if you had to notify the local police, if you had them valued by a gun dealer, if the hand guns were rare (and exactly what make/model they were- that is a detail requested by my husband), were they hidden in an accessible location in the fireplace or were they actually stored inside the wall (virtually forever locked away)? See how many questions? Crazy, amazing, jaw-dropping story, Dori!

    If you are able to post more details, please wait until after your big trip to Australia. That is WAY more important! Happy Travels!

    Karla in CA.

  9. My husband is a gun collector. He is freaking out, wanting to know what you did with the guns. Please tell us!!!

  10. I wonder if the wife hide the guns from her husband or son? If only walls could really talk. You will have so much fun in Australia with your mum and sis. I lived in Australia for 14 yrs, and brought a wonderful souvenir across the ditch when I came home to New Zealand, my Aussie husband lol. I'm sure you can find some wonderful treasures to bring home(not husbands haha). Just make sure you declare them. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures when your home. Oh, that driving on the other side of the road may take some getting used too, even as the passenger. I have to not freak out when I came back to see family in LA every few years.

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