Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello again!..... :)

Oh my goodness where to start. What pics to choose.... ??

I took this pic as soon as we arrived at my sister's house in Sydney.
Clearly she got the hair up, wear a solid shirt, diamond necklace and cross body
purse memo:)

She had these amazing smelling gardenias in the bathroom that
I would be sharing with my mom.
Can't you just smell them??
She's the hostess with the mostest:)

Check out the view from my 3rd story bedroom window...
at the crack of dawn, on the first few days I was actually up at that crazy hour:)
I slept with the windows open my entire stay.
On the first morning, the one thing I noticed was the sound of the birds.
So many crazy sounding birds!
The kookaburra. You haven't lived until you've been woken up to the 
hilarious sounds of that one! Click here for a listen. I would wait every morning
for it to sing to me:)

 Everyone asks what we did for two weeks.
We did what all sisters do when they get together- duh!
We ate and laughed!
And ate and laughed!
And drank and really laughed!
And ate and laughed some more!
And loved every minute of it:)

I ate the yummiest peach tart more that a few times off this
adorable truck that was oh so conveniently located
just a short walk from my sister's 

Holy green grass and trees people.
This was at the botanical gardens next to the opera house:)
I've never been jealous of a bird before now.

This is Bondi Beach. The color of the water....heart eyes!
And yes, those were rain clouds:( that cut short our hike.
Beautiful nonetheless!

This is St. Mary's cathedral in Sydney Hyde Park. I sent this pic to Rio and
told her I found the place where she could have her wedding!! and that
that's the van we would be living in after we paid for it.
Not sure if she found that as hilarious as I did.
hee hee hee

The fish market we went to was insane. I've never seen so many
beautiful sea creatures in all my life.

Speaking of insane...
My brother in law whom I lovingly call BD can cook like no other.
I dream of this tuna tartar that he makes..
and by golly he made it for me:)
That other tartar in the background was a salmon tartar. Oh my goodness
my mouth is watering. Seriously delicious!!

 My sister and I are 17 months apart, me being the older one. Since I got married
a week after I turned 19, we realized we hadn't spent this much time together 
since we were in High School!!
So I took this special time together to teach her the finer things.
Like playing the Sims 4. We designed houses and people until our
eyes were bleeding every night.

Notice our twinning pinky's:)

Check out my favorite find.
Is he the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
It's totally fine if you're getting the shivers because bugs freak you
out, I spent the first half of this post standing on my kitchen 
counter because my son's cat brought a rat into the house.
I get you.

But for me? This bug is going to proudly hang on
my wall as soon as I figure out how to get the stinky 
moth ball out of the frame:(
See that little white box in the lower right corner?
It STINKS! and since it's completely sealed all around
I'm not sure what to do? have it reframed?

Of course my favorite part of the entire trip was just the togetherness.
I loved it.

Two weeks went by so fast and before I knew it I was 
back in little ole Carp:)
But holy jet lag people!!
I was wanting to cook banana bread and clean
house at 2 am!!
Crazy, but worth every sleepless minute of it:)


  1. Welcome back! Looks and sounds like y'all had a wonderful time.

  2. Glad you had such a great trip! Aren't sisters just one of the most precious gifts God gave us?? Mine are really precious to me.


  3. Welcome home!! Please post more photos so we can see all the beautiful places you visited. :)

  4. I so look forward to Tuesdays and you never disappoint. Thank you so much for sharing your travels, family, photos and your life with us. Welcome home.

  5. What a wonderful trip! I really like the bug and all of that green grass makes me a bit jelly!

  6. One of my sisters lives 1500 miles away and we have been known to show up to visit wearing the EXACT same thing. :) Your visit looked wonderful!!!

  7. You had me until the monster (bug) in the frame, lol! Just a thought about the mothball - it may have been put in there as a form of preservation against the odor of the dead bug...I would definitely leave it in there!

    Glad you had a wonderful time with your sister!

  8. Oh my word...looks like so much fun and so beautiful! Good to see my sweet neighbor again! (wink, wink) So glad you and your Mom got to visit! Nothing better than family!

  9. I'm so happy you were able to visit! I haven't seen Marlene in years- I used to work for her at her shop on Main! Looks like she is living in an amazing place. So much fun to have two weeks together!

  10. What an adventure you have had! You were missed.....welcome back! Now our Tuesdays can be back to normal! lol

  11. I'm so glad you had a great trip! Your pictures are fabulous, I wanted to crawl into them!

  12. No! He is not "the most beautiful thing" I have ever seen! OMGosh. I can't believe that wildlife wasn't confiscated at customs, lol! I'm imagining what the perfect wall space is you will find ... Brave decorator!