Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The bright side:)

Surgery bites. All. Things. Bitter!! I thought I kind of knew what to expect. But HOLY SORENESS Batman!!! I mean seriously? The simple things we take for granted. Like laughing. Or sneezing. Or coughing. Or sitting up by yourself!! Ugh!! Anyway, instead of getting all Debbie Downer, I'm choosing to focus on all the things that brought me joy this week:)

**Disclaimer- all the following pics were taken from my phone while under the influence of Percocet. Don't judge!! :)

My recovery room, such a wonderful place to relax:) and the flowers from my sis in law on my mantle? Perf:)
I got to enjoy these fab movies. Jane Eyre- sooo good:)

The Countess- This movie was about Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory and her shocking (not kidding) obsession with staying young. It's intriguing. I'll just say that her night creme she used was no ordinary Oil of Olay!!

And the quickest way for a gal to recover is to have a hot nurse. Who cooks, cleans and dotes on you and thinks you are still beautiful in all your bloated, bruised glory:)

My dinner of grilled romaine, caramelized onions and feta cheese and caesar dressing:) I told you he cooks!!
Oh and the fabulous box of goodies from Williams Sonoma that arrived just after I got home that I forgot I ordered:)

Sunflowers (thanks Allie!), Rainier cherries and Percocet. Yes, Percocet is as lovely as flowers to me right now:)

Check out what my sister Michele gave me. Only the best in comfort food!! And yes, Little Bully gave me the guilty eyes the ENTIRE time I was enjoying this scrumptiousness:)

I can NOT believe I'm showing you a pic of my chubby hands!! But man does a manicure last when you're not doing housework!!

And last but not least- my ever present constant companion:)

So yes, I am on the mend. Slowly but surely. Stay tuned! I promise next week I'll be back in full swing:)


  1. A full day... manicure looks good(form the eyes of a Nail Tech) Try Shellac they last weeks love it.. and your frenchy is so darn CUTE.....

  2. Oooh, I have to see that Countess movie! Sounds like something I'd like. I stopped washing my face at night...I only wipe off all my make-up with lotion and then pack on more lotion for sleep. No more harsh exfoliating cleansers here! Nice pics sister. Glad you're recovering. Surgery blows!

  3. Take care and rest....

    Love your doggie =)

  4. to a speedy recovery! i may just put these movies in my netflix queue, thanks!

  5. Don't be back in full swing too soon...I promise you'll regret it! You just keep eating those goodies and enjoying your views. I had a pedicure right before my surgery in March. It made me happy to look at my pretty pink toes when the rest of me felt so lousy! Cheers!

  6. Hope you are feeling better! I can't wait to check out those movie titles! If you had timed it right, you could have blamed the WS shopping spree on the Percocet! ;o)