Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Makin do...:)

So last week the hubby decided we needed a little Cali time:) I couldn't agree more. With temps in AZ hovering around a hundred and hell, cooling off in Dana Point was dreamy:) Well one day while the hubbs took himself to the beach, I found myself in rather a pickle. I was starving, alone, without a car, and could hardly stand up straight :( So what's a gal to do? Git to gittin!! That's what!! I hobbled in to the kitchen where my creativity reeeally needed to kick in. I needed yummy and QUICK!! Enter- Garbanzo beans, parm, salt and pepper:)
Drain and rinse one can of beans:)
Add to a (preferably) non stick skillet:)And get to toastin over med/high heat. I took a pic of the flame because that's how I judge heat:)Sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper:) And while they're toasting, grate about a small handful of Parmesan cheese:)When the beans get to where they look kinda dry and toasted, throw in the parm and turn off the heat. Shake the pan while the cheese melts, so it doesn't melt in one big clump:)Enjoy them warm:) You can also add chopped purple onion and serve this on top of a yummy bed of greens. Both of which I didn't have:(And then give yourself a high five and celebrate your victory over Mother Hubbard's Cupboard and dish yourself up 2 scoops YES! Two scoops! of this most amazing new ice cream from Trader Joes. Lemon and Triple Gingersnap ice cream. It's seriously going to be the death of me.... :)


  1. I HAVE to get the ice cream! I can eat a whole tub of the triple ginger snaps from TJ's.

  2. Omg!!!!!! Literally, the best ice cream in the world! I'm obsessed!!!

  3. i love garbanzo beans and I may just try this as i have the beans and cheese on hand. i must try the ice cream it sounds yummy!

  4. Dorie!
    Found your comment on my blog just now and literally laughed out LOUD!
    So glad you left it bc now I can follow you too!

    This garbanzo bean dish looks so yummy.
    I have all TWO of the ingredients and will make it tonight! LOve that when a blog gives you dinner ideas.

    Will have to try the ice cream. I never know what to buy when I get to TJ's.. almost need someone to steer me to their faves!

    So nice to meet you.