Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The family that remodels together...... :)

...stays completely insane together.
This last weekend was the weekend o' tile.
The hubby and I did our kitchen. Yeah you read that right.
I tiled. (manicure be damned!)
Ok, I buttered and the hubby tiled. God bless that man and his patience.
I mean come on, I love me some BUTTER! so I got a little heavy handed
sometimes with that stinkin thin set! 

So while we were tiling.... so was Rio and Chase. Yep, that's Rio using that saw:)
(she totally copied my fabulous hairdo)
Yeah, while we were in the throws of our remodel, they decided to do their
kitchen too.

  Their house is a 1941 little cutie just around the corner from ours:)
She's still missing hardware, and trim paint but
I think it turned out fantastic!

 It's been a crazy last few weeks between our two houses.
Thank goodness for this Sanity Center:)
Seriously, have you ever in all your life seen so much alcohol??!!
Ah the life of the youngins... :)
Back at the ranch.... I'm gonna try my darndest to get out
my fallness. This here punkin is all I have so far. I found her
all sad and lonely in a cabinet stuffed with randomness from
the move.

So this week I'll be receiving the island in the kitchen so I can finally
show you all some pics of the finished kitchen!!:)
**in other news- we think something died under our house. Maybe a rat? a cat? a bunny?
 I knowww! I'm so completely grossed out!!
 We noticed a smell on Saturday afternoon. Just about the
time when I was showing our kitchen to my pals Jill and Nikki
And here's the best part- WE CAN'T FIND IT!!??
Just thought I'd share... keepin it real!!


  1. I love your style of kitchen-I would trade my darker cabinets for some lighter ones but I am stuck with them for now. I do not like my granite anymore either. We are downsizing, in a few years-and I am collecting ideas for my "dream kitchen" so I will definitely add some of your ideas to my kitchen file. Love your daughter's kitchen, too!

  2. Oh my goodness, what is in the water there?! All of you are SO talented! I've said it before, "Everything you touch turns beautiful." If you were able to bottle it up and sell it I'd be your first customer! I read your blog devotedly hoping some of that inspiration becomes reality for me. Yesterday, I went to Sherwin Williams and picked up a quart of Windsor Greige to try on the wall. I'm hoping this is will be the start of something beautiful. :)

  3. So gorgeous! I definitely consumed my share of alcohol during some of the renovations on our house! LOL
    I can't wait to see more pics of your kitchen....LOVE!

  4. Dorie, love everything, always! Where did you get the glass canisters, the set of three. I need those. :)

    Thanks, Leah

    1. Oh the glass canisters....if only if only:( I bought them years ago at Tuesday Morning. I have the sugar, coffee, and tea. NO flour:( I was on a hunt for that one for forever!! To no avail:( I can only assume how huge that flour one would have been! The sugar one that I have my flour in now is so big that it doesn't fit under the cabinet with the lid on!! Anyway, if my some miracle you find them all? you would be my hero!!

  5. Gorgeous so far and I love love love Rio's kitchen! I want to have open shelves but wouldn't dust be an issue? Once upon a time we lived in the Seattle area and had a possum died under our storage shed. It was so awful I cannot imagine having it under the house! Hope you can get to it!

  6. Ha! I'm going to go with a rabbit. Those suckers are everywhere. Thanks for showing me the place, Im going to go dream of living in your house now.

  7. You guys are the kitchen whisperer's.........would you mind coming to Illinois to do mine?

  8. So gorgeous! Love all that you do. Could your smell come from one of the walls?? We used to live in an old house and had a family of rats move in one winter. Somehow they got in between the walls and died after the husband had the brilliant idea to use poison to get rid of them...:( Mimi

  9. Very nice.... both kitchens. :)

  10. Your kitchens are so great! You and your hubby are so stinkin' talented. I can only wish for a kitchen like yours!