Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sister sister.... :)

These are my sisters:)
We are the last three in a family of 6 kids.
I'm the oldest of us, then 16 months later came my sister Marlene (on the left)
then almost 2 1/2 years later baby Michele arrived:)

We were called "the girls" by everyone.
My mom dressed us alike and we shared a Hollie Hobbie bedroom most of our

When I told Marlene I wanted to write this post, I told her how I wanted to start it out with 
a quote about sisters. But I just couldn't find a good one!!! 
So she wrote me this-

"we just get each other.  We know what each other is thinking just by a look.  We laugh hysterically at each others jokes!  People mistake us for each other.  We have exactly the same mannerisms.  We are sisters."  

This here is my favorite picture of us of all time.
I don't even remember what was so funny?
But when I look at this pic, I can HEAR us laughing.
Really really LOUD.
When we get together, we have no inside voices.
If you know us...am I right???

When I broke the news that we were moving to California, I think my sisters
at first didn't believe me. I mean, we've lived all our lives within a short drive of each other.
And now I'm about a7 hour drive away:(

 recently Marlene shared some amazing news with us.
Her sweet hubby Bob got a job....
Uh huh. How's THAT for one upping??!!??
I can't even think how long that flight will be....

Soo, she's selling her incredible home that her and her hubby put so much
love into because they thought they'd never move.

The Lord had other plans:)

And by love I mean an ENTIRE remodel.
This was the kitchen before...

Are you kidding me?? LOOK at this kitchen!!!
MANY an amazing meal has been cooked here by Bob.
Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you've had the privilege to
eat his cooking!!
It's THAT good:)

This is the family room before.
I love that they kept the fireplace original:)

That ceiling....!!!!
And I'll have you know, my sister MADE all the gorgeous curtains in her house!!

Here's the living room before.
It's HUGE!! and has big doors and windows that take in the 
view of the back yard:)

That couch...!!
They don't have a Little Bully that would love to shed and goob all over it:)

This is the Master bedroom. It also has doors to the back yard and covered patio:)
Oh! and behind that door is a gym complete with that cushy floor and mirrors
so you can see your hotness after your daily sweatness:)

The Master bath.
The trough sink...
The makeup vanity....

But my favorite part of this house??
These two:)

They are off on an adventure of a lifetime that is going to cost
 us an arm and a leg to come visit!!
I don't care what it takes though...
I'm comin!!
Prepare my room!!

This stunning home can be yours. It's located in the highly desirable area
of North Central Phoenix.
And my realtor sister Michele is just the person to contact to buy this fab place!
I can't say enough about the quality and beauty in this house!!

More info on Michele's website HERE


  1. Wow, gorgeous home and I bet it sells quickly.

  2. Beautiful sisters.

    WOW!! Beautiful home.... y'all have the great decorating/renovating touch. :)

  3. I always wanted a sister and got 3 brothers. I named each of them Katie and dressed them up in dresses. They didn't appreciate my intentions. Ha! I think that's why God blessed me with 2 daughters. He knew I needed them. Love your story and your sisters house.

  4. Beautiful home. I wish your sister and her husband the best on this grand adventure.

    As for a verse on sisters, I gave a card to my niece, who is like my baby sister, years ago that had the following verse on it, which I made a copy of and have hanging on my refrigerator to this day, because it's so poignant.

    "Sister, Sister, take my hand and we'll go back as far as we can, back through the fields of memory to the long-ago you and me.

    Childhood was home, and home was light and love and warmth on a cold, dark night and there at the heart of home were we, the long-ago you and me.

    We whispered secrets, laughed and cried, ran wild outdoors or stayed inside, held safe in the arms of family, the long-ago you and me.

    We were little then. Now we are grown, but I love you still, my sister, my own - and still at home in my heart are we, the long-ago you and me."

    A reader living in Peoria, Arizona

  5. Love this house and love your family! I know you guys will miss them, so cool that you guys are so close!!

  6. wowwowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!!!!!!!!

    what a GORGEOUS home your sister has!!!

    perfect all the way!!!

    hop on yer kangaroo and head over for a visit!

    you are so blessed to have such a loving family.
    so blessed.


  7. Wow! Looks like a dream home :)

  8. What a gorgeous house! To your sister Marlene, welcome to the land down under!! Marlene is going to love love Australia. We aussies" always give a warm welcome. What part of Australia are they moving to? Start saving your pennies Dorie for your visit. Love love your blog. Tracey.

    1. Hello Tracey!!
      Marlene is moving to Sydney. Actually an area called Balmain? They are looking to be there by the first of May:) sooo soon!! You better believe we're saving our pennies!! I wouldn't miss a chance to spend some sister time there:)

  9. Coming to the land down under. They're gonna love it here. Balmain is beautiful. I live in Adelaide which is a southern state.

  10. love their home - and your sisters are soo beautiful just like you... wow..
    what is the countertop made of in their kitchen please... I just love the entire house. thanks for sharing Dorie!

  11. Your sisters home is amazing! Heres hoping it sells quickly and that they find another home in Australia that they love just as much.