Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The written word... :)

I love love love getting letters and cards in the mail.
It's the greatest thing that sadly not very many people do anymore:(

But my mama... ??
She writes the BESTEST cards and letters and I save them all!!

It's not just her gorgeous handwriting that I love, it's HOW she 
writes. She ends sentences with eh? and no? 
and writes words like-

"I would be glad to give birth to you again..."

"I will pray to the Lord Jesus for you as long as I live..."

"...there are many beautiful memories to bring to mind, and
that tell us that everything is worth our ups and downs."

Well I decided I wanted to pull out some of those letters and 
display them.
I bought this frame from Hobby Lobby and the rest of the stuff I had.
This is literally like a 3rd grader craft.
Kinda matches my math skills!!

Anyway, I stapled some string across the back then spent more
time than necessary cutting little pieces of tape to put on 
these tiny (adorable!) clothes pins:)

And voila! 
Easy as it gets people! I added some pieces of gold tissue paper for funzies:)

I praise my sis in law for teaching my sweet nieces
the art of a thank you!! I keep theirs too:)

Oh! and in my craft hoard I came across this lonely
shadow box. I used some paper that I already had,
and filled it with 2 shells that my hubby found on a
surf trip to Morro Bay:)

Then I looked around this little place for a home for these frames...
and whaddya know?
I found one:)

Rio painted that whale and turtle for me before we moved here,
and that frame with the green card in it came from my sweet 
friend Marni:)

I'm heading to AZ to spend some time with my precious Mama, and say a heartbreaking goodbye
to my sister who's moving to Australia:( :( :(

Look who's begging me to smuggle him in my bag... :)


  1. I love your travel bag. Where did you get it?

  2. The hand written letter is a lost art. Be safe on your journey.

  3. I have 3 sisters and can't imagine having to say a goodbye like that! :( But if you're like me, you're already planning a visit. :)
    One of my granddaughters (she's 8) told me that whenever the mail comes she always asks her mom "anything in there for me?" Then she said "there never is" :( So we started writing to each other. The rest of the grandkids informed me they like getting mail too so now we all write back and forth. :D