Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blissfully ordinary.... :)

Isn't that the truth??

I sure wish I had something fabulous to show and tell today
I don't. My life is currently blissfully ordinary
and let me tell you- I love it:)

I still get excited to get into my little old black car and
go to the grocery store.

I think it's hilarious how the guy bagging my groceries puts my
chocolate on top because I SWEAR he knows I'm going to
eat one of them in the car!!!

 You all KNOW I had an internal fight with myself
over these!! I just wanted them in my fridge purely for cute factor!!

I've been drinking my iced water out of this adorable jar I ordered from
That is until I left it at my hair salon in Santa Barbara last week:(
And then my sister informed me of the deathly (I'm kidding) affects of
drinking ice....

So until I can get my cute jar back, I'm drinking room temp (blah) water out
of an ugly purple plastic bottle:(
Boo hoo.

I have to giggle with happiness when I think how my little
family is all here together...
and that it takes all of us to put together a chandelier.
Hee hee hee!!

Look at those views! I can't wait to show you some pics of 
our Ventura project next week!
Countertops go down Wednesday...

My 9 year old little bully still has the worst manners ever.
I just can't break him of his begging!!
Course it doesn't help that I think it's adorable,
I mean look at that focus!!!

We just can't talk about ordinary without
 mentioning the ironing...right??

I'll be honest, I love to iron.
I'm actually ironing my dish towels in this pic.
I know! I know! But they just fold better!!

And has anyone been watching the Flowers in the Attic series
on Lifetime?? I read all those books back in the day.
It's a freakishly weird story that I can't even believe has now sucked me
in to watching all the movies!!

So there ya go. That's what's going on these days in the
blissfully ordinary house of Tuesdays with Dorie:)
And me sooo happy:)


  1. Confession time...I iron my dishtowels too. Iknew I loved you!

  2. *Gosh.... I LOVE your Bug!
    *That pic of Bully looking at your hubby's food ~ too cute!
    *Kewel chandy ~ can't wait to see the rest.
    *Have you heard anything on YOUR HOUSE? (the one that is empty)

    1. Reenie!!!
      Oh how I wish I had news on my beloved crying house:(
      our realtor took over an "all about us" packet and left if with the now 95 year old
      owner of the house. She said her dad built it!! Anyway, I guess the house is in
      a trust of some sort and there's some disagreements over what to do with it:( :( :(
      So until then....tenterhooks. (my new fave word by the way)

  3. My mom irons her dish towels and bed sheets. :o)

  4. Dorie, even your 'ordinary' is cute! ...car, dog, kids, dishcloth... yes, I too was sucked into the Flowers series. I read Flowers in the Attic waaaaay back in high school. It was bizzaro to me then too!

  5. OK. besides the cute factor...TELL me about that Coke Life! I've seen it in the stores, but don't know anyone who's actually tried it. Yes? No? And I think the t.v. series was even weirder than the Flower in the Attic books! But, of course, I watched them all!

    1. Hi Denise!
      I haven't tried the Coke either! But now you got me thinking...I'll let ya know if I do:)

  6. Oh you need to drink from a GREEN mason jar! I'm sure you've seen them around....if you don't have one, I'll send you one complete with lid & straw 😊